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Action Figure Accessories: Must-Have Add-Ons for 2023!

Jun 20, 2024
Action Figure Accessories

Action figures have captured the hearts of children and collectors alike for generations, immersing fans in the rich world of their favorite characters. Part of the charm of action figures lies in the vast array of detailed accessories that bring these iconic figures to life. From weapons and costumes to vehicles and playsets, action figure accessories set the stage for endless imaginative play and extraordinary display options.

The right set of action figure accessories can transform a simple toy into an interactive and engaging experience for collectors and play enthusiasts alike. These add-on pieces not only enhance the play value and realism of your action figures but also make them more appealing to potential collectors. Additionally, accessories can often increase the worth of an action figure, making them a smart investment for those looking to build and maintain a valuable collection.

When choosing action figure accessories, it’s crucial to consider factors such as compatibility, material, and authenticity. It’s essential to ensure that the accessory set is designed to suit your specific action figure brand or series, creating a cohesive collection that accurately reflects each character’s unique look and personality. Quality materials also play a part in durability and safety, while licensed and authentic accessories guarantee a true-to-life representation of your favorite characters.

To help you find the best action figure accessories that will perfectly complement your collection and elevate your play experience, we have researched and tested various products to bring you the finest options available. Let’s dive into the world of action-figure accessories that will open up an exciting realm of realism and creativity for you and your beloved characters.

Best Action Figure Accessories

Get ready to take your action figure collection to the next level! Below, you’ll find our top picks for the best action figure accessories on the market. These add-ons will elevate your displays and immerse you in the fantastic world of your favorite characters.

Super Action Stuff Casket of Cruelty

Casket of Cruelty

Elevate your action figure collection with the Casket of Cruelty by Super Action Stuff, offering over 30 unique accessories.


  • Realistic 1/12 scale details
  • Wide variety of weapons and effects
  • Durable materials used


  • May not fit all action figure brands
  • Some accessories require adhesive
  • Not suited for younger children

The Super Action Stuff Casket of Cruelty stood out to me as an essential addition to any action figure enthusiast’s collection. The level of detail in the 1/12 scale pieces truly impressed me and added a touch of realism to my 6-7 inch action figures.

I was thrilled with the assortment of over 30 accessories, including a coffin and post-apocalyptic weapons that sparked my creativity for new action scenarios. The bloody action effects added that extra dramatic flair, and I found myself fully immersed in creating dynamic setups for my figures. However, you might need a little adhesive or sticky tack for some effects.

The Casket of Cruelty is well-suited for collectors seeking to elevate their action figure displays in both quality and creativity. Although caution is advised when using the set around young children due to the small accessories, teenagers and adults will definitely appreciate the detailed craftsmanship. Overall, this set offers a substantial and exciting upgrade to your action figure collection.

Super Action Stuff Firepower Series

Super Action Stuff Firepower Series

The Super Action Stuff Firepower Series is a fantastic purchase to elevate your action figure displays with dynamic effects.


  • Highly detailed and sculpted accessories
  • Versatile for dioramas and toy photography
  • Fits 1/10-1/12 scale, 6 to 7-inch action figures


  • Some items may require adhesive
  • Package content variation (clear orange or clear yellow effects)
  • Suitable for 13 months old and up only

As an action figure enthusiast, you’ll love how the Super Action Stuff Firepower Series transforms your collection. The 1/12 scale action figure accessories come with 19 stunning pieces that include muzzle flares, blasts, and other action effects, perfect for enhancing your displays or toy photography.

These solid, high-quality plastic pieces are designed to fit various 6-7 inch scale action figures, making them compatible with a wide range of collectibles. Not only are they versatile for different action figures, but they also go well with dioramas, adding a touch of excitement to your set-ups.

Keep in mind that some of the translucent effects might need sticky tack or another adhesive to stay in place, but this minor inconvenience is worth it for the dramatic results you’ll get. Additionally, the package may come with clear orange or clear yellow effects, which could be a surprise element to look forward to.

Grab the Super Action Stuff Firepower Series to impress fellow collectors and bring your action figures to life. Your remarkable displays will definitely spark conversation and admiration!

XISTEST Action Figure Stand

XISTEST Action Figure Stand

Looking to showcase your action figures? The XISTEST Action Figure Stand is a fantastic choice for amazing display possibilities!


  • Easy to assemble
  • Compatible with various action figure lines
  • High-quality plastic material


  • Some parts may fit loosely
  • May require additional glue for stability
  • Might not support heavier figures

The XISTEST Action Figure Stand is perfect for those who want to create engaging and dynamic displays of their action figure and stage collections. Made from premium plastic material, these stands are not only sturdy but also eco-friendly.

These stands are compatible with a wide range of action figure lines, including S.H.Figuarts, Mafex Figma, and 1/144 Gundam. It’s awesome that you can mix and match figures from different brands and create a diverse range of battle scenes!

When it comes to assembly, the supplied instructions make it quick and easy. However, be prepared to use some extra glue to ensure that the parts fit tightly together. This will not only help to keep your figures upright but also prevent them from toppling over easily if they’re heavier.

In conclusion, the XISTEST Action Figure Stand is an excellent addition to your collection, allowing you to create unique and eye-catching displays. While there might be a few minor drawbacks, such as loose parts and the need for extra glue, the affordability and versatility of this stand make it well worth considering for any action figure enthusiast.

FORTNITE Hasbro Victory Royale Series Upgrade Shark

FORTNITE Hasbro Victory Royale Series Upgrade Shark

Elevate your action figure collection with this FORTNITE Hasbro Upgrade Shark, packed with cool features and accessories!


  • High level of detail and game-inspired design
  • Comes with Plenty of accessories
  • Articulated jaw and posable features


  • No included character figure
  • A bit pricey
  • Might not be suitable for younger children

This FORTNITE Hasbro Victory Royale Series Upgrade Shark action figure is not just an ordinary toy for enthusiasts, but a treasure trove of accessories and functions that you’ll absolutely love. With a fully articulated jaw, sculpted insides, and game-level detailing, this 6-inch collectible is sure to impress!

Crack open the shark to uncover a world of exciting accessories such as the Shrimpy Back Bling, fishing rod, shield potion, water skis, and pump shot weapon accessories. These extras allow you to create unique poses and scenarios with other action figures in your collection, making for an even more immersive play experience.

This Upgrade Shark figure is undoubtedly cool, but keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a character figure. Despite its price point, the stunning detail and array of accessories may still make it worth your while, and it’s a must-have for fans of Fortnite and collectors alike.

So, if you’ve been on the hunt for a fantastic action figure accessory, look no further – the FORTNITE Hasbro Victory Royale Series Upgrade Shark is an excellent choice!

Yiju 1:12 Scale Solider Clothes Action Figure Accessory

Yiju 1:12 Scale Solider Clothes

This accessory set is perfect for those looking to add stylish clothing to their 6-inch action figures.


  • High-quality material
  • Fits most 6-inch action figures
  • Functional strings and pockets


  • Only clothing, no body or head included
  • Some sizing issues reported
  • May be pricey for some

You’ve got your action figures, but now, you’re looking for some stylish clothes to outfit them for their next epic adventure. Introducing the Yiju 1:12 Scale Solider Clothes Action Figure Accessory set. With its high-quality material, it not only looks great but also feels amazing in your hands. Perfect for dressing up your 6-inch action figures, it is sure to give them a cool, distinctive appearance.

Fitting most 6-inch action figures, this clothing set comes complete with a long-sleeve hoodie, sweatpants, and a shirt. The strings on the hoodie and pants are functional, and the pockets actually work, adding a touch of realism to the whole look. You’ll be amazed at the attention to detail in this accessory set as you dress up your action figures for their next mission.

Keep in mind that this set includes only the clothing and not any body, head, or stand for your action figure. However, the Yiju accessory set is worth considering for its quality and style. Some users have reported sizing issues, so make sure to double-check the dimensions before purchasing. Although it may be on the pricier side for some, the value it adds to your action figures’ overall appearance cannot be understated.

In conclusion, the Yiju 1:12 Scale Solider Clothes Action Figure Accessory set is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to enhance their 6-inch action figures’ style and presence. With its high-quality material and attention to detail, it’s sure to impress any action figure enthusiast.

Buying Guide

Wow! You’re about to dive into the exciting world of action figure accessories! With so many options and varieties available, finding the ideal addition to your collection can be an overwhelming experience. Fear not! Here’s your ultimate guide to help you make the best decision and truly enhance your action figure display.

Assess Your Needs

First things first, consider what you’re looking for in an accessory. Are you aiming to revamp a superhero’s lair or give your action figure a custom weapon? Evaluate the purpose and desired outcome of your purchase to narrow down your options.

Compatibility Matters

To ensure a perfect fit, compatibility plays a crucial role. You’ll want to determine the size and scale of your action figure to find accessories that’ll not only work but look amazing alongside your collection.

Quality and Material

Opting for high-quality materials ensures that your accessories will withstand the test of time. You might want to choose from the following options:

  • Plastic: Light and cost-effective, but may suffer from wear and tear.
  • Metal: Durable and sturdy, perfect for weapons and armor.
  • Cloth: Ideal for creating capes and outfits, offering flexibility.

Detail Awareness

Attention to detail is what sets action figure accessories apart. Look for intricate designs, realistic textures, and accurate color schemes that perfectly complement your figures.

Budget-Friendly Options

While you’re passionate about your collection, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Affordable options do exist without compromising quality. Simply assess your needs, allocate a budget, and stay diligent in your search for the perfect accessory.

Happy hunting! You’re now armed with the knowledge to make the most educated accessory decision for your amazing action figure selection. Enjoy the process and showcase your collection with pride!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the coolest 1/12 scale accessories?

You’ll be excited to know that there are many cool 1/12 scale accessories available for your action figures! Look for detailed weapons, clothing items, and diorama pieces, such as miniature furniture and vehicles. These can help you create realistic scenes and enhance the overall display of your collection.

How to best store your action figure accessories?

Keeping your action figure accessories organized and safe is essential. For storage, consider using a tackle box or compartmentalized plastic container. Label each compartment for easy accessory identification. Alternatively, invest in clear plastic storage bags or small organizer trays to keep them sorted and visible.

What are popular WWE action figure add-ons?

WWE action figure fans will love adding props and accessories that bring wrestling excitement to life! Popular add-ons include weapons like chairs, tables, and ladders, as well as championship belts, entrance stages, and even wrestling ring playsets for maximum action!

Where can I find 6-inch action figure accessories?

Finding 6-inch action figure accessories is surprisingly easy! Check out online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and specialty stores for a wide range of options. Additionally, you can visit local comic shops, toy stores, or hobby shops, as they often have a selection of action figure accessories for sale.

What 3D-printed accessories are available for action figures?

With the advent of 3D printing, you can now find custom and unique action figure accessories! Some 3D-printed options include weapons, helmets, backpacks, and even complete diorama settings. Browse sites like Etsy, Shapeways, and Thingiverse for creators offering their designs, or try your hand at printing your own creations!

Any must-have 7-inch action figure extras?

Enhancing your 7-inch action figures is easy with the right extras. Look for accessories like additional weaponry, interchangeable hands or heads, effect parts that simulate explosions or energy blasts, and stands or display bases for dynamic posing. These extras will make your action figure collection even more awesome!