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20 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Action Figure Collection

May 20, 2024
20 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Action Figure Collection
Are your action figures confined to a dusty shelf or tucked away in a box? Unlock the true potential of your collection and give those beloved characters new life with these exciting, imaginative ideas.

Action figures have captivated the hearts of many, from childhood memories of imaginative play to adult years of meticulous collecting. The allure of these miniatures is undeniable. Yet, for many, the journey with these figures ends at mere accumulation. It’s time to change that. Discover 20 exhilarating activities and projects to elevate your action figure experience.


1. ACTION FIGURE DIORAMAS: Craft a Miniature Universe

Crafting the Scene: The art of diorama-making brings your action figures to life. Create settings from epic battlefields to tranquil cityscapes. With the right backdrop, your figures can relive iconic moments or create new narratives.

Materials and Methods: Basic crafting supplies like foam, paint, and miniature props can be used. Dive into scenes from films, comics, or even historical events for inspiration.


2. TOY PHOTOGRAPHY: Frame Their Best Moments

The Perfect Shot: The world of toy photography is vast. Pose your figures in lifelike or action-packed scenarios and capture the essence with your camera.

Post-Production Magic: Use editing tools to enhance, adjust, or even add special effects to your photos. Platforms like Instagram or Pinterest are ideal for showcasing your toy photography skills.



Animation Basics: Using a series of photos where the figure’s position is slightly altered in each, you can create fluid movement when they’re played in succession.

Software and Storyboards: Utilize beginner-friendly software to compile your images. Draft a simple storyline, ensuring your action figures become the stars of their own short films.


4. CUSTOMIZE & REPAINT: Personalize Your Collection

Repainting Techniques: Enhance factory paint jobs or alter the figure’s look entirely with detailed hand painting.

Advanced Customization: Try adding or modifying parts, combining features from various figures, or even sculpting new elements to truly make the figure your own.


5. SWAP MEET-UPS: Exchange and Engage

Trading Time: Organize or attend a swap meet to exchange duplicates or less-favored figures, refining your collection in the process.

Community Building: Swap meets also serve as networking events. Connect with like-minded collectors, discuss favorites, and perhaps collaborate on diorama or animation projects.


6. DISPLAY MASTERCLASS: Showcase with Style

Thematic Displays: Group figures by theme, era, or series. Perhaps a dedicated shelf for 80s action heroes or iconic movie characters?

Innovative Mounts: Use shadow boxes, multilevel shelves, or even LED-lit cabinets to make your figures stand out.



Board Game Fusion: Integrate action figures into board games. Let them serve as unique pawns or characters, adding a new dimension to gameplay.

Create a Point System: Develop a game where figures have abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Engage in battles, and may the best figure win!


8. GIFT CUSTOM FIGURES: Personal Touches for Loved Ones

Themed Customizations: Know a friend’s favorite character or superhero? Customize a figure to match, creating a unique gift.

DIY Packaging: Design specialized boxes or packaging, adding that extra personal touch to your action figure present.


9. FIGURE REPAIR: Restore and Renew

Tool Kit Essentials: Assemble basic tools like super glue, paints, and brushes for minor fixes.

Online Tutorials: Plenty of online resources guide you through the repair process, ensuring longevity for older or damaged figures.


10. FIGURE BLOGGING: Share Your Passion

Review and Discuss: Start a blog or YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing figures, sharing stories, or discussing the latest releases.

Connect with Audiences: Engage with followers, answer queries, and become part of the broader action figure community.


11. TRAVEL SHOTS: Take Them on Adventures

Travel Buddies: Carry a favorite figure on your travels. Photograph them at iconic landmarks or in unique settings.

Create a Travelogue: Compile these photos into a travel diary, documenting the figure’s global adventures.


12. GARDEN SCENES: Natural Backdrops

Outdoor Dioramas: Utilize your garden or local parks. Craft scenes amidst natural elements, making them look larger than life.

Photography Gold: Natural lighting can enhance the beauty of the figures, making for some fantastic photos.


13. FIGURE FASHION: Dress Them Up

DIY Costumes: Craft tiny costumes or accessories for your figures. From superhero capes to medieval armor, the options are limitless.

Themed Photoshoots: With their new outfits, organize themed photoshoots or even fashion shows.


14. RECREATING ICONIC SCENES: Relive the Moments

Scene Setup: Choose an iconic movie or comic scene and use your figures to recreate it in detail.

Challenge Friends: Make it a fun activity by challenging friends to recognize the scene you’ve recreated.


15. ACTION FIGURE PARTIES: Celebrate in Style

Themed Parties: Host a birthday or celebration with an action-figure theme. Use them as table centerpieces or party favors.

Interactive Activities: Organize games or contests, like “Guess the Character” or action figure scavenger hunts.


16. DIY MERCHANDISE: From Figures to Functional

Keychains & Magnets: Turn smaller figures or parts into keychains, fridge magnets, or even pendants.

Decor Galore: Use figures to enhance room decor, like lamp stands or wall installations.


17. LEARN & EDUCATE: History Through Figures

Historical Figures: Use figures of historical personalities to teach kids about significant events or eras.

Interactive Learning: Craft stories or plays using the figures, making learning engaging and fun.


18. SHADOW BOX ART: Frame Your Favorites

Depth and Design: Assemble figures in shadow boxes, playing with depth and backgrounds to craft a 3D art piece.

Wall Decor: Hang these boxes as unique wall decor, showcasing prized figures.



Group Narratives: Gather with friends and create a collaborative story or comic strip, each contributing with their figures.

Online Collaborations: Engage with online communities, crafting expansive narratives that span multiple contributors and figures.


20. GROW YOUR COLLECTION: Always a Collector at Heart

Research and Expand: Stay updated with the latest releases. Attend conventions or join online forums to discover rare finds.

Budgeting and Planning: Collecting can be pricey. Plan your purchases, prioritize, and maybe even set up a monthly action figure budget.


Your action figure collection holds vast potential beyond static display. From artistic endeavors like dioramas and photography to community engagements like swap meets and blogging, the opportunities are endless. So, liberate your collection from its confines and embark on these 20 fun-filled adventures. Remember, every action figure has a story waiting to be told