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Spiderman Legends Action Figure for Black Friday: Must-Have Deals 2023!

May 20, 2024
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Spider-Man has captured the imagination of millions Marvel fans worldwide, thanks to his unforgettable adventures in comics, television animations, and films. As popular as the character is, Spider-Man Legends action figures have become a must-have for collectors and fans alike. With Black Friday approaching, it’s the perfect time to get your hands on these articulated and highly detailed collectibles to enhance your collection or to gift to a loved one.

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At its core, the Spider-Man Legends action figure series offers an extensive range of characters from Spider-Man’s extensive universe. Beyond the classic web-slinger himself, you can find figures of his allies and nemesis, including Miles Morales, Venom, Green Goblin, and many others. These figures, often boasting meticulous sculpting and hyper-articulated joints, allow collectors to display their figures in dynamic poses, recreating iconic scenes from comics or film.

When deciding to purchase a Spider-Man Legends action figure during Black Friday sales, there are a few critical aspects to consider. Pay close attention to the size, typically measured in inch scale, and the level of articulation, which can impact possibility. The paint application should be precise and vibrant, enhancing the overall quality of the figure. Moreover, some action figures might come with additional features, such as interchangeable parts, or accessories to further customize your display options.

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After taking into account these factors, we have spent considerable time researching and examining various Spider-Man Legends action figures in order to ensure they meet the expectations of collectors and casual fans alike. Our top picks cater to a wide range of preferences, delivering the best overall experience. So let’s dive in and discover those amazing Spider-Man Legends action figures available this Black Friday.

Best Spiderman Legends Action Figures

We cannot wait to share with you our list of the best Spiderman Legends action figures, perfect for this Black Friday! Get ready for some web-slinging fun with these amazing collectibles!

Spider-Man Marvel Titan Hero Series Villains Black Suit

Spider-Man Black Suit

We think this action figure is perfect for Spider-Man fans looking to expand their collection on Black Friday.


  • 12-inch scale black suit Spider-Man figure
  • Comics-inspired design
  • Compatible with Titan Hero Blast Gear Launcher


  • Blast gear launcher sold separately
  • May not be suitable for very young children
  • Limited stock on Black Friday

We recently got our hands on the Spider-Man Marvel Titan Hero Series Villains Black Suit action figure and we were thrilled with the attention to detail and its refined design. The 12-inch scale provides a presence that truly stands out in any collection and the black suit adds an interesting twist to the classic Spider-Man character.

The figure draws inspiration from Marvel Comics, which we believe will appeal to true fans of the Spider-Man universe. The articulation of the figure allows for dynamic poses, making the play experience more interactive and enjoyable.

One disappointing aspect is that the Titan Hero Blast Gear Launcher, which adds sounds and phrases to the figure, is sold separately. However, we found that the figure by itself still makes a great addition to any Spider-Man collection.

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for a unique addition to your Spider-Man collection this Black Friday, we highly recommend considering the Spider-Man Marvel Titan Hero Series Villains Black Suit action figure. Keep in mind there may be limited stock available, so be prepared to act fast!

Marvel Hasbro Legends Series Venom Ghost-Spider

Marvel Hasbro Legends Series Venom Ghost-Spider

We highly recommend the Marvel Hasbro Legends Series Venom Ghost-Spider for its exceptional design and articulation that will excite both kids and collectors.


  • High-quality design and materials
  • Multiple points of articulation for more dynamic poses
  • Inspired by the iconic Marvel character


  • Sensitive joints may cause durability concerns
  • Prices can be steep for casual buyers
  • Limited availability may make it hard to find

As fans of everything Spider-Man, we were thrilled to discover this limited edition Ghost-Spider figure from Marvel’s Hasbro Legends Series. It boasts an incredible attention to detail that truly brings the Ghost-Spider character to life and makes it an unforgettable addition to any collection.

What sets this action figure apart from others is the multiple points of articulation, allowing us to create a myriad of dynamic poses and scenes. It’s perfect for kids wanting a premium play experience or collectors looking to showcase their character in a Marvel array.

However, we must note that the sensitive elbow and knee joints could be a cause for concern when it comes to durability. It’s essential to handle the figure with care so that it doesn’t break prematurely. The price can also be a bit steep for casual buyers, but considering its quality and limited availability, it’s worth the investment if you are passionate about Spider-Man and the world of Marvel Legends.

In conclusion, the Marvel Hasbro Legends Series Venom Ghost-Spider is an exceptional collectible action figure that offers a high-quality design and a premium play experience. While the sensitive joints and price may be detracting factors for some, we believe its amazing level of detail and articulation make it a must-have item for all Spider-Man fans and collectors alike.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Black & Gold Suit 6-inch Collectible Action Figure

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Black & Gold Suit 6-inch Collectible Action Figure

We believe this Spider-Man action figure is a must-have for collectors and kids, thanks to its detailed design and great articulation.


  • Marvel Entertainment-inspired design
  • Premium articulation and detailing
  • Includes Build-A-Figure part (Marvel’s Armadillo)


  • A bit pricey
  • Lacks some accessories
  • Might be too skinny for some

We recently got our hands on this amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Black & Gold Suit action figure, and we couldn’t be more excited! The 6-inch scale of the figure is perfect for display and play, and the premium design nicely captures the essence of the character from Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: No Way Home.

One of the best aspects of this action figure is the articulation. With multiple points of articulation, you can achieve various poses and create dynamic battle scenes. It’s an excellent addition to any Marvel fan’s collection.

Although we love this figure, there are a few drawbacks. The price might be a bit high, and it could use more accessories to fully capture Spider-Man’s arsenal. Also, some might find the figure too skinny, but we think it adds to the overall sleek and agile look of Spider-Man in his Black & Gold Suit.

Overall, the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series Black & Gold Suit action figure is a fantastic pick for fans of the web-slinger. Despite the minor downsides, it still offers plenty of value with its authentic design, premium articulation, and inclusion of a Build-A-Figure part. Grab one for your collection this Black Friday!

Spider-Man Marvel 6-Inch Upgraded Black & Red Suit Action Figure with Mystery Web Gear Armor, Ages 4+

Spider-Man Marvel 6-Inch Upgraded Black & Red Suit Action Figure

This Spider-Man action figure is a must-have for fans, featuring an engaging mystery web gear armor and a movie-inspired design.


  • Detailed, movie-inspired design
  • Comes with mystery web gear armor accessory
  • Articulated arms and legs for varied posing


  • Limited character compatibility with web gear armor
  • May not be as durable as expected
  • Articulation could be better for more dynamic poses

Our experience with the Spider-Man Marvel 6-Inch Upgraded Black & Red Suit Action Figure was quite exciting, especially with the mystery web gear armor that comes with it. The 6-inch scale of the figure allowed us to enjoy the detailed movie-inspired design, making it a fantastic collectible for any fan of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

We appreciated the articulated arms and legs that enabled us to pose the figure in various ways. However, the articulation could be improved for more dynamic and diverse posing options. The mystery web gear armor added an extra layer of fun but is only compatible with Spider-Man character variants, which limited our ability to mix and match with other characters.

In terms of durability, the figure may be vulnerable to wear and tear during regular play sessions, so it might be better suited as a collectible rather than a toy for rough play. Overall, the Spider-Man Marvel 6-Inch Upgraded Black & Red Suit Action Figure with Mystery Web Gear Armor is an entertaining and engaging addition to any collection, bringing to life that special Spider-Man charm we all know and love.

Marvel Legends Series Miles Morales Spider-Man

Marvel Legends Series Miles Morales Spider-Man

We think this Miles Morales Spider-Man action figure is a must-have for collectors and fans, thanks to its impressive details and articulation.


  • Fantastic character design inspired by Miles Morales: Spider-Man comics
  • Robust articulation for dynamic posing options
  • Comes with 2 alternate hands accessories


  • Limited additional accessories
  • Some users reported packaging issues
  • Could have a bit more flexibility in the torso area

As major Spider-Man fans ourselves, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this Marvel Legends Series Miles Morales Spider-Man action figure. Inspired by the beloved Miles Morales: Spider-Man comics, the design is simply awesome. The detailed sculpt and paintwork truly bring the character’s appearance to life, and as collectors, that’s something we highly appreciate.

The 6-inch scale and full articulation of this figure make it fantastic for dynamic posing. The head, arms, and legs are quite poseable, which allows for endless flexibility when it comes to displaying it in our collection. The figure also comes with 2 extra alternate hand accessories, which adds to the customization options.

However, we noticed a few downsides. While the figure does include the two alternate hands, we would have loved to see even more accessories for added versatility. Some users also reported that the packaging arrived with some minor dents and dings, so if you’re particular about your collection’s aesthetics, this might be a concern. Lastly, though the figure’s limbs boast excellent mobility, the torso could use a bit more flexibility to allow for a wider range of action poses.

Overall, we still believe the Marvel Legends Series Miles Morales Spider-Man action figure is a fantastic addition to any Marvel fan’s collection. The impeccable design, quality articulation, and alternate hand accessories make it an exciting and attractive piece that would look great on display. Despite the minor drawbacks, we highly recommend it for both casual fans and serious collectors alike.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Spider-Punk Action Figure

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Spider-Punk Action Figure

We believe the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Spider-Punk action figure is a fantastic addition to add to any collection, offering great detail and articulation.


  • Impressive detail and design
  • High-quality articulation for posing
  • Unique Spider-Punk character


  • Some joints may feel tight or fragile
  • The guitar accessory may have dull paint
  • May be challenging to balance for certain poses

As fans of the various Marvel Legends action figures series, we were excited to get our hands on the Spider-Punk action figure. Hobie Brown, the British punk Spider-Man, shows us a fresh take on the iconic character. The attention to detail and design in this 6-inch figure is outstanding, capturing the essence of the character from the movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One).

In terms of articulation, the figure provides plenty of options for posing and display. Spider-Punk can be positioned in various dynamic poses, which adds to the play’s value. However, we noticed that some of the joints might feel a bit tight or fragile, and we had to be cautious when manipulating them. The feet, in particular, seemed to require extra care to avoid damaging the figure.

One of the highlights of this action figure is the guitar accessory that Spider-Punk wields. It truly embraces the punk rock personality of the character, but we did find the painting to be a bit dull, and it could have been more vibrant. Lastly, when trying to balance Spider-Punk in certain poses, it may take a bit of patience to achieve stability.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Spider-Punk action figure is a fantastic collectible for fans of the Marvel universe. Its unique character design, superb detail, and the inclusion of the guitar accessory provide a fresh and exciting addition to any collection.

Buying Guide

We’re so excited for Black Friday, especially for those Spider-Man Legends action figures! Here’s our buying guide to help you choose the best product and understand the features to look for.

First things first, let’s talk about the articulation. When looking for a great Spider-Man Legends action figure, you’ll want to ensure it has plenty of points of articulation. This allows for dynamic poses and display options. Look for figures with multiple joints in the arms, legs, and torso for the most flexibility.

Next, let’s discuss size and scale. Spider-Man Legends action figures come in various sizes, usually measured in inches. The most common sizes are 6-inch and 12-inch figures. Consider the space you have for display and your personal preferences when choosing the right size for your collection.

The detail and paint quality is other critical aspect in picking a fantastic action figure. Well-made figures will have clean paint applications and intricate detailing on their costumes. This includes features such as web patterns, shading, and highlights.

In addition, Spider-Man Legends action figures often come with accessories like alternate hands, heads, or webbing. These additional pieces allow you to customize your figure’s appearance or recreate iconic moments from comic books, movies, or cartoons.

Don’t forget about build-a-figure sets as well! These collections include various Marvel characters, each containing a unique part to build an exclusive figure. If you’re looking to expand your Marvel collection beyond Spider-Man, these sets can be an exciting way to do so.

Finally, consider your budget when searching for the perfect Spider-Man Legends action figure this Black Friday. You’ll find a range of prices, from affordable figures to more expensive deluxe models. Keep an eye out for sales and discounts to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Happy shopping, and may you find the ultimate Spider-Man Legends action figure to round out your collection this Black Friday!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best deals on Spider-Man Legends figures for Black Friday?

We’ve got you covered! Some of the best discounts you can expect this Black Friday are from major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and GameStop. Keep an eye out for bundle offers, exclusive freebies, and fantastic markdowns that you won’t want to miss!

Which stores have exclusive offers for these action figures?

We’ve seen stores like Target, Best Buy, and GameStop provide exclusive offers in the past. They tend to offer limited editions or bundle deals just for Black Friday shoppers, so it’s essential to keep an eye on their ad releases and social media.

When do the Spider-Man: No Way Home figures go on sale?

Be prepared, fellow Spidey fans! Spider-Man: No Way Home figures will likely go on sale starting on Black Friday. Keep a close watch on retailers like Amazon, who often do timed “lightning deals” for in-demand items like these action figures.

What special deals are available on Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099?

As collectors ourselves, we’re thrilled about the deals for the Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure. While we can’t say for sure what discounts might pop up, we can anticipate exciting savings on shipping and even bundle deals that pair it with other fan-favorite Marvel Legends figures!

Are there any limited edition Spider-Man action figures on Black Friday?

Yes! You can find limited edition Spider-Man figures and variants during the Black Friday sales event. Keep a lookout for unique costumes, glow-in-the-dark versions, and more surprises that will take your collection to the next level.

Which Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse figures are part of the Black Friday event?

Look out for Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, and other essential characters from the Spider-Verse hitting Black Friday deals. We’ve seen retailers offer bundle deals, gift-with-purchases, or preorder bonuses for upcoming action figures. Stay updated and don’t miss this opportunity to grow your collection.