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Turtle Power Showdown: NECA vs Super7 TMNT Metalhead Figure

Jun 19, 2024
NECA vs Super7 TMNT Metalhead Figure

Introduction: A Tale of Two Metalheads

For decades, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) have remained iconic figures in pop culture. Among the array of memorable characters from the franchise, Metalhead, the crime-fighting robotic ally of the turtles, holds a unique appeal.

Two leading action figure manufacturers, NECA and Super7, have brought this character to life with strikingly detailed figures. However, choosing between the NECA and Super7 TMNT Metalhead figure can be a challenge. This article aims to help you make an informed decision by providing an in-depth comparison of these two figures.

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The NECA TMNT Metalhead Figure: Master of Cartoon Accuracy

A Close Look at the Packaging

NECA, known for their dedication to accuracy and detail, goes above and beyond with their TMNT Metalhead figure. The packaging is an art piece in itself, featuring artwork reminiscent of the VHS era of the original animated series. Despite some minor grievances with potential shipping damages, the NECA packaging manages to score points in the aesthetics department.

The Figure: A True Animated Representation

Out of the box, the NECA Metalhead figure stands as a testament to cartoon accuracy. Some of the notable aspects of the NECA figure include:

  • A well-painted figure with solid joints.
  • A variety of accessories inspired by the animated series, including a drill and a vacuum cleaner.
  • Panels on the figure that can open, offering dynamic posing options.
  • A price point of $34.99, highlighting NECA’s commitment to affordability without compromising quality.

However, the NECA figure does have some shortcomings. A glaring omission is the lack of Metalhead’s robotic teeth, a feature that stands out in the animated series.

The Super7 TMNT Metalhead Figure: Nostalgia Unleashed

Unboxing the Past: A Look at the Packaging

Super7 has a knack for packaging their figures in a way that transports you back to your childhood. Their TMNT Metalhead figure is no exception. Emulating the Playmates toy line packaging, Super7 taps into nostalgia, appealing to both seasoned collectors and new fans.

The Figure: A Blast from the Past

The Super7 Metalhead figure is a reimagined Playmates figure, tapping into the nostalgia of the TMNT fan base. Key features include:

  • A design and feel closely mirroring the original Playmates figure.
  • A variety of accessories, with a unique addition being the alternate head with light-up eyes.
  • The figure retails at a higher price point of $55 but can often be found on sale for $30-40.

Although the Super7 figure may not offer the same level of articulation as the NECA version, it holds a charm for those who grew up with the original Playmates toy line.

FAQ: NECA vs Super7 TMNT Metalhead Figure

Which figure is more accurate to the original animated series?

The NECA TMNT Metalhead figure is more faithful to the animated series, boasting intricate details and a plethora of show-inspired accessories.

Which figure captures the feel of the original Playmates toy line?

The Super7 TMNT Metalhead figure successfully reimagines the Playmates figure, offering a wave of nostalgia for long-time fans.

How do the price points of the NECA and Super7 figures compare?

Initially, the Super7 figure retails at a higher price point than the NECA figure. However, the Super7 figure often goes on sale, making the price difference less significant.

Are there any unique features in the figures?

Both figures boast unique features. The NECA figure has panels that can open for dynamic posing, while the Super7 figure includes an alternate head with light-up eyes.

The Conclusion: NECA vs Super7 TMNT Metalhead Figure – Who Wins?

The battle between the NECA and Super7 TMNT Metalhead figures is more of a personal preference than a definitive win.

If you’re a fan of the original TMNT animated series, appreciate a high level of detail and articulation, and are on a budget, the NECA TMNT Metalhead figure might be the perfect choice for you. The figure is a true homage to the animated series, beautifully detailed, and comes with unique accessories that add value to the overall package.

On the other hand, if you have fond memories of the original Playmates toy line and don’t mind spending a little more, the Super7 TMNT Metalhead figure is an excellent pick. With an alternate head featuring light-up eyes and the nostalgic feel of the original Playmates figure, Super7 provides a solid product that will make a great addition to any TMNT collection.

In the end, whether you choose NECA or Super7, adding a TMNT Metalhead figure to your collection will undoubtedly bring a sense of nostalgia and a unique charm to your shelf.

Choosing between the NECA vs Super7 TMNT Metalhead figure ultimately depends on what aspects are more important to you as a collector. No matter the choice, both figures capture the essence of Metalhead, offering TMNT fans an exciting piece of memorabilia that pays tribute to this beloved franchise.

However, it’s always important to remember that action figure collecting should be about fun and personal enjoyment, so pick the one that speaks to you the most!