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Did Super7 NAIL it with Deep Space Homer from the Simpsons?

Apr 13, 2024
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In this article, we’ll discuss the unboxing experience and detailed examination of The Simpsons Deep Space Homer action figure by Super 7. Get ready to dive into the world of Simpsons collectibles and learn about the quality and intricacies of this particular item. With various included accessories and high attention to detail, this figure has caught the attention of collectors and fans alike.

We’ll also provide an overall rating for the figure, taking into consideration factors such as the packaging, design, and included accessories. Stay tuned for an engaging look into the world of The Simpsons collectibles, and don’t forget to check out the key takeaways at the end of this article.

Key Takeaways

  • The unboxing experience reveals impressive attention to detail in packaging and design.
  • A wide range of accessories, including an ant farm and multiple hand options, adds to the figure’s appeal.
  • The overall rating takes into account various elements such as packaging, design, and included accessories.

Unboxing Experience

Outer Packaging

The unboxing of The Simpsons Deep Space Homer figure begins with a classic Super 7 brown box. It’s standard protective packaging for their products, so you can expect a nice level of protection when you get your item. On the back of this box, you’ll find information about the figure, such as labels and some additional details. There’s even a space for you to follow Super 7 on social media. Upon sliding the box out, you are greeted by a good-looking image on the back of the packaging.

Inner Packaging

Once the outer plastic covering is removed, you can see the front of the box featuring an embossed gloss finish and the classic introduction to the show: The Simpsons logo. The packaging wraps around the sides of the box, displaying an excellent continuation of the clouds. At the top of the box, you will find the “Ultimates” branding. The bottom of the box contains the same information you saw on the outer packaging, accompanied by a drop shadow.

Upon removing the sleeve and opening the box, you’ll be presented with a beautiful-looking figure and a bunch of accessories. The protection for the figure is solid, with a plastic insert to hold everything in place. There is also some beautiful artwork on the inside of the box, which includes illustrations of various characters from the show. It’s worth noting that the illustrations repeat themselves at some points, but it’s still a nice touch for the inside packaging.

As you take all the contents out of the box, you’ll find many pieces such as two left and right hands, a bag of potato chips (curiously closed instead of opened), seven individual chips, plutonium or radiation, and an ant farm. There are also two additional heads for Homer, and his full astronaut costume as a part of the figure itself. The attention to detail in the design and sculpting of these items is impressive, which is only enhanced by the overall great unboxing experience.

Included Accessories

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The Homer figure comes with a total of four interchangeable hands – two left and two right. These hands provide variety in posing and displaying the figure. They follow a simple design and effectively capture the cartoon’s essence.

Potato Chips

An interesting accessory choice that comes with this figure is the potato chips. There are seven chips modeled with identical molds and remarkable attention to detail. Along with the chips, the package includes a closed bag of potato chips. While the chips and the bag both look great, an open bag of chips might have been more fitting as an additional option.

Ant Farm

Homer’s Ant Farm is another fun piece in this set. Made of clear acrylic, it is designed in a way that you can see the ants inside. The manufacturer executed the farm design quite well, effectively capturing its appearance from The Simpsons show.

Additional Head

Lastly, the figure includes an additional head with an open mouth. This allows for more dynamic poses and helps recreate the famous scene of Homer enjoying his floating chips in space. Since the original head has a closed mouth, the open one adds another layer of versatility to the figure’s presentation.

Overall, these included accessories bring life and character to the Deep Space Homer figure, adding extra value to the package and enabling fans to showcase their favorite scenes from the episode.

Detailed Examination

Space Homer figure

Paint and Sculpt

Superb attention has been given to the painting and sculpture of this Simpsons Deep Space Homer figure. The paint job on the hair appears solid with a matte finish, and the plastic used for the figure feels like it has been well-painted. The sculpting is fantastic and captures the animated essence of Homer’s figure. The detail extends deep into the mouth, showcasing the talent of the team behind this design.

The chips that come as accessories for the figure are all identical, but they have been expertly crafted to offer intricate details. The bag of chips and the other accessories, like the Ant Farm and the plutonium/radiation piece, showcase an interesting treatment and precision. However, some paint overspills and odd choices were made, but they are negligible compared to the overall quality of the figure.

Articulation and Posing

When it comes to articulation and posing, the figure is still impressive. The character’s hair is designed to be pliable, making for a great range of motion without distorting the figure’s look. However, there is a desire for more black outlines, particularly around the eyes, to emphasize the animated style of The Simpsons universe.

Creating a zero gravity scene might be challenging, as there’s no way to achieve it with the figure and its accessories alone. Some creativity might be required, like using strings or stands to create the illusion of floating chips and an astronaut Homer.

Despite some minor issues, the Deep Space Homer figure showcases exceptional paint, sculpture, articulation, and posing that would undoubtedly satisfy any fan of The Simpsons series.

Overall Rating

In this episode, the focus is on The Simpsons Deep Space Homer figure from Super 7, which has been generating mixed reactions in the collector community. Based on the visuals and user experience, it can be said that the packaging is where Super 7 shines the most; it is highly protective and displays eye-catching artwork that wraps all the way around the box.

The figure itself is dressed in a full astronaut costume, coming with a wide array of accessories such as gripping hands, bag of potato chips, individual chips, a plutonium/radiation rod, an ant farm, and two interchangeable heads. While the quality of the sculpting is commendable, some do question the practicality of keeping track of the smaller accessories, like the individual chips, which could easily get misplaced.

Going into the details, the hands and other accessories are designed well considering the simplicity of the cartoon style. The bag of chips is especially impressive, having a realistic appearance. The figure’s painting is top-notch, although there are minor quality control issues like paint leakage in some areas. The pliable hair adds a nice touch to the overall design of the figure.

One point of contention is the lack of black outline in Homer’s eyes, which can make them appear strange due to The Simpsons characters not having eyebrows. However, this issue may only be a matter of personal preference, depending on the level of attention to detail a collector may expect.

Despite a few hiccups, the Deep Space Homer figure is a beautifully crafted piece that would easily impress avid fans of the iconic series. With Super 7’s dedication to creating quality, well-packaged collectibles, collectors can likely anticipate more exciting additions to The Simpsons line in the future.