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Discover the Incredible Action Figure Museums Around the World

May 20, 2024

Imagine a world where your favorite action figures come to life, and you can explore their history, interact with them, and even discover rare and unusual collections. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a thrilling adventure to discover the incredible action figure museums around the world, showcasing unique and rare collections, and interactive exhibits, and preserving the history of these beloved toys.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the incredible world of action figures at renowned museums around the globe.
  • Experience interactive exhibits and discover rare collections from popular franchises, classic toys, and banned items.
  • Preserve history with visits to Brighton Toy & Model Museum, The Strong National Museum of Play & more!

Action Figure Extravaganza: Top Museums to Visit

Museums Around the World

Begin your exploration of the fascinating world of toy museums, where action figures are the star attraction. From Mexico City’s Mexican Antique Toy Museum to Penang Toy Museum in Malaysia and the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex in Branson, US, these toy havens offer an extraordinary experience for action figure enthusiasts, with collections spanning across various eras and genres.

Join us as we delve into the captivating realms of superheroes, robots, and legendary characters that have enthralled generations.

The Marvelous World of Superheroes: Mexican Antique Toy Museum

Mexico City’s Mexican Antique Toy Museum is a treasure trove for action figure collectors. It boasts an impressive array of superhero and robot action figures, making it an unmissable destination for those keen to explore diverse toy collections. This museum houses one of the largest toy collections in the world, featuring:

  • Superheroes and robots
  • Lucha libre wrestling items
  • Collections of trains
  • Hello Kitty toys
  • Mexican toys
  • Cast iron toys

The Mexican Antique Toy Museum is a true celebration of popular culture, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite characters and to learn about the history and craftsmanship behind these iconic figures. So, whether you’re a fan of comic book heroes or curious about the vibrant world of lucha libre, this museum is sure to captivate and inspire your imagination.

Penang Toy Museum: A Haven for Action Figure Enthusiasts

Situated in scenic Penang, Malaysia, the Penang Toy Museum serves as a paradise for action figure enthusiasts, with its sizeable collection of action figures and collectibles related to movies, comic books, and beyond.

The museum is renowned for its Hall of Cartoons, Chamber of Comic Book Heroes, and Chamber of Horror exhibits, offering an expansive array of action figures and interactive displays, making it a prime destination for those wishing to explore and gain knowledge about the history of action figures.

With over 100,000 toys on display, the Penang Toy Museum is purported to be the most expansive and costly toy museum in Asia and possibly the world. This action figure haven ensures that visitors of all ages can indulge in their passion for these beloved collectibles while gaining a deeper understanding of the artistry and stories behind them.

The Ultimate Action Figure Experience: World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex

Found in Branson, Missouri, the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex provides the ultimate action figure experience, with the largest toy collection of over one million toys from popular brands like Barbie, Disney, and Marvel. This massive complex is truly a wonderland for action figure fans, featuring interactive exhibits, educational activities, and more, providing an unforgettable adventure for visitors of all ages.

From the moment you step through the doors, you’ll be transported to a world of imagination and creativity, where toys from different eras and genres come together to tell the stories of our childhoods. Whether you’re a fan of classic action figures or the latest superhero franchises, the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex is a must-visit destination for action figure enthusiasts.

Preserving the History of Action Figures

If you’re keen to delve deeper into the history of action figures, toy museums around the world, such as the Brighton Toy and Model Museum in the UK and the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Missouri, are treasure troves of knowledge and insight, exhibiting classic toys, antique toys, and vintage toys. While exploring these museums, you may also notice the evolution of playthings, leading to the modern toys we see today.

These museums, often referred to as action figure museums, not only preserve the rich heritage of action figures but also provide engaging exhibits that transport visitors back in time, allowing them to explore the origins of these cherished playthings.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum: A Journey Through Time

The Brighton Toy and Model Museum, situated in the picturesque Brighton area of the United Kingdom, takes pride in possessing an outstanding collection of antique toys, which many other museums aspire to have.

This captivating museum offers a visual experience for guests, allowing them to travel through time and explore the history of popular children’s items, including incredible train models and antique toys that once captured the hearts and minds of children and adults alike.

As you wander through the museum’s display cases and exhibits, you’ll be immersed in a world of nostalgia and wonder, discovering the craftsmanship and imagination that went into creating these timeless treasures.

The Brighton Toy and Model Museum is truly a journey through time, offering a rare opportunity to explore the rich history and evolution of action figures and their enduring impact on popular culture.

National Museum of Toys and Miniatures: A Treasure Trove of Vintage Collectibles

The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Missouri houses the world’s largest collection of fine-scale miniature toys and an impressive array of antique toys, such as tin toys and vintage dollhouses. This remarkable museum showcases the art of imagination through these miniatures and toys, revealing the skill and creativity that went into crafting these intricate and cherished playthings.

Receiving approximately 30,000 visitors annually, the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures offers a unique experience for action figure aficionados, presenting a treasure trove of vintage collectibles and an opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of these beloved toys.

From the delicate details of fine-scale miniatures to the charm of vintage dollhouses, this museum is a testament to the enduring fascination with action figures and their place in our collective history.

Interactive Exhibits for Action Figure Fans

For an absorbing action figure experience, The Strong National Museum of Play in New York and Tartu Toy Museum in Estonia are your go-to destinations.

These family-friendly museums offer interactive exhibits for action figure fans, providing engaging and educational experiences that celebrate the fun and creativity of action figures.

From the National Toy Hall of Fame to life-size dollhouses and puppet theaters, these interactive exhibits promise a memorable adventure for all ages.

The Strong National Museum of Play: Embracing the Fun of Action Figures

Located in Rochester, New York, The Strong National Museum of Play is a highly interactive, collections-based museum dedicated to the history and exploration of play. The museum features a wide range of rare and beloved action figures, including:

  • Superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man
  • Characters from popular franchises like Star Wars and Marvel
  • Classic action figures like G.I. Joe and Transformers

These action figures offer an extensive selection for action figure aficionados to admire and learn about.

The museum also boasts attractions such as the National Toy Hall of Fame and the World Video Game Hall of Fame, providing an engaging and immersive experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a lifelong action figure collector or simply interested in exploring the fascinating world of play, The Strong National Museum of Play is a must-visit destination.

Tartu Toy Museum: A Playful Adventure for All Ages

The Tartu Toy Museum in Estonia, along with the Suomenlinna Toy Museum, is among the largest toy museums in the Baltic States. It offers a fun experience for all ages and showcases over 5,000 toys from its extensive collection. This playful adventure features:

  • Vintage action figures
  • A life-size dollhouse
  • A puppet theater
  • A playroom

It provides a memorable experience for children and adults alike.

As you explore the museum’s vast collection of toys, you’ll be transported back to the days of imaginative play and childhood wonder. The Tartu Toy Museum is a delightful destination for:

  • Dolls
  • Teddy bears
  • Rocking horses
  • Action figures

It offers a unique opportunity to engage with these beloved collectibles in a playful and interactive setting.

Unusual and Rare Action Figure Collections

Museums Around the World

Intrigued by the world of unusual and rare action figure collections? The Banned Toy Museum in Burlingame and Prague Toy Museum in the Czech Republic, with their eccentric and iconic displays, are well worth a visit. From forbidden action figures to life-size statues and peculiar dolls, these museums showcase the intriguing and lesser-known side of action figure collections.

A visit to these museums offers a rich exploration of the history of action figures, allowing you to discover

Banned Toy Museum: The Forbidden World of Action Figures

The Banned Toy Museum in Burlingame, California, offers a unique glimpse into the world of forbidden action figures, boasting a collection of toys that have been recalled or banned for various reasons. Some examples of these prohibited toys include scented crayons, an Atomic Energy Lab kit with uranium-bearing ore, and other items that have been deemed unsafe or inappropriate.

This intriguing museum offers:

  • A reminder of the importance of adhering to safety regulations and the potential repercussions of not doing so
  • A unique perspective on the history of toys and the development of safety standards
  • A fascinating and thought-provoking experience for action figure enthusiasts

Prague Toy Museum: Eccentric and Iconic Figures on Display

The Prague Toy Museum, situated at Prague Castle, is the second largest exhibition of toys in the world, displaying an array of eccentric and iconic figures from the past three centuries, procured from various parts of the world.

As you meander through the museum’s captivating exhibits, you’ll discover the fascinating stories behind these unusual and iconic figures, gaining a deeper appreciation for the creativity and diversity of action figure collections.

The Prague Toy Museum is an enchanting destination for action figure fans, showcasing a truly unique assortment of figures that will leave a lasting impression.


In conclusion, the world of action figure museums is vast and diverse, offering a plethora of experiences for enthusiasts and collectors alike. From the impressive collections at the Mexican Antique Toy Museum and Penang Toy Museum to the historical treasures at Brighton Toy and Model Museum and National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, these museums provide a glimpse into the fascinating history and craftsmanship behind our favorite action figures.

For those seeking interactive experiences, The Strong National Museum of Play and Tartu Toy Museum deliver engaging, family-friendly adventures. For the daring, the Banned Toy Museum and Prague Toy Museum showcase the unusual and rare side of action figure collections. No matter your interest, these incredible action figure museums around the world promise an unforgettable journey through the captivating world of play.

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China is a giant in the toy industry, with almost 80% of the global toy supply stemming from their manufacturing and exports. As such, they are renowned as the foremost country for toys. Their influence in the industry is undeniable, and their products are of the highest quality. They have a wide range of toys, from traditional wooden toys to the latest in electronic gadgets. They also have a strong presence in

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The Ennigaldi-Nanna’s museum, dating back to c. 530 BC in Mesopotamia, is thought to be the world’s first public museum. Founded by a Babylonian princess, the museum was devoted to archaeological artefacts and served as an inspiration for many museums that followed it. The museum was a remarkable achievement for its time, and it set the stage for the development of public museums in the centuries to come. It was a place where people

What types of toys can be found at the Mexican Antique Toy Museum?

The Mexican Antique Toy Museum houses an array of action figures, lucha libre wrestling items, trains, Hello Kitty toys, Mexican toys, and cast iron toys for visitors to explore.

What makes the Penang Toy Museum unique?

The Penang Toy Museum is a unique destination, offering an extensive selection of action figures and collectibles related to films, comic books, and more. It also features interactive exhibits like the Hall of Cartoons and Chamber of Comic Book Heroes for visitors to explore.

What is the focus of the Brighton Toy and Model Museum?

The Brighton Toy and Model Museum focuses on its collection of antique toys, highlighting the history of popular children’s items and train models.