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Santa Claus Action Figure: A Jolly Good Time for Collectors

May 20, 2024
Santa Claus Action Figure

Santa Claus action figures bring joy and a festive spirit to our homes during the holiday season. These delightful icons of Christmas provide not only decorative charm but also spark the imagination and warm the heart. Santa Claus action figures come in various materials, sizes, and levels of detail, making them the perfect addition to any collection.

With a Santa Claus action figure, you can rekindle childhood memories or even create new ones with your loved ones. These figures embody the story of Santa, his sleigh, and his mission to spread joy and cheer throughout the world. Moreover, they make excellent gifts for people of all ages who cherish the magic of Christmas.

When choosing the perfect Santa Claus action figure, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the material, size, and overall design. These aspects will significantly impact the amount release an action figure that’s durability, charm, and suitability for your home or as a gift. Additionally, it’s essential to pay attention to details like the paint quality and the sturdiness of the stand.

With all these factors in mind, we have conducted extensive research and testing to find the best Santa Claus action figures available, striking the perfect balance between quality, charm, and long-lasting holiday cheer. We can’t wait to share our findings with you so that you can discover the perfect addition to your holiday home or for gifting to your loved ones. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of Santa Claus action figures together.

Top Santa Claus Action Figures

Ho Ho Ho! Are you ready for some holiday fun? We’ve put together a jolly list of the best Santa Claus action figures to bring that well-known Christmas spirit into your home. Get ready to dive into a world of festive amusement with our top picks!

Santa Claus 8 Inch Action Figure [2015 Edition]

Santa Claus 8 Inch Action Figure

We think this Santa action figure is a delightful addition to any collection, thanks to its charming design and limited edition status.


  • Authentic cloth outfit
  • Resealable plastic clamshell packaging
  • Limited edition of 500 pieces


  • May not suit all age groups
  • Slightly bulkier than other action figures
  • No additional accessories

Recently, we got our hands on the Santa Claus 8-inch Action Figure by Figures Toy Company, and we simply can’t get enough of it. The moment we unboxed this jolly fellow, we knew he was something special. The attention to detail in his authentic cloth suit, complete with hat and belt, truly sets him apart from other action figures on the market. Plus, the limited edition numbering adds a touch of exclusivity to our collection.

We love the inside of resealable plastic, clamshell packaging that it comes in, which not only keeps Santa safe and sound, but also allows us to take him out for display during the festive season and put him back in for storage afterward. The packaging is transparent, so even when stored, we can still have a clear view of our most beloved characters Santa figure.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks we noticed. Firstly, the manufacturer’s recommended age of 13 years and up might limit its appeal to younger kids who would also enjoy a Santa action figure. Additionally, due to his slightly larger size (12 x 8 x 3 inches), he takes up a bit more space compared to regular action figures. Lastly, it would have been nice if there were some extra accessories included, like a bag of presents or a miniature sleigh.

In conclusion, we believe that the Santa Claus 8-inch Action Figure [2015 Edition] by Figures Toy Company is a fantastic addition to any action figure or holiday collection. Despite a few minor downsides, this jolly, limited-edition Santa, 8-inch retro figure has captured our hearts and will most likely do the same for others.

EnderToys Santa Claus Action Figure

EnderToys Santa Claus

Dive into festive fun with this Santa-themed action figure that’ll keep your spirits high during the holiday season.


  • An entertaining 4-inch character with waterproof, scratch-resistant vinyl skin
  • Mystery cape and 2 mini accessories included, encouraging imaginative play
  • Fully articulated and interchangeable parts for diverse playtime possibilities


  • Not an official product, may not appeal to brand-conscious shoppers
  • Sticker-type material, as opposed to printed patterns on plastic
  • Small parts might get easily lost or prove to be a choking hazard

Our first impressions upon unpacking the EnderToys Santa Claus Action Figure left us grinning like kids on Christmas morning. The 4-inch figure is adorned with waterproof, scratch-resistant vinyl skin, putting our minds at ease about its longevity in the hands of excited children. As a cherry on top, there was even a mystery cape and a couple of mini accessories hidden inside the box, which made us eager to discover all the various combinations we could create.

However, we soon found out that although the toy itself is made of a sturdy plastic material, the pattern used to enhance the design is a sticker-type material. While this isn’t a dealbreaker, it did leave us wishing for a toy company has brought little more durability in the design, especially since the Santa-themed outfit has potential for holiday fun year after year. Despite this, the action figure remained entertaining and engaging during playtime, as the articulated limbs and interchangeable components offered endless possibilities, keeping even the most boisterous of children engaged.

At the end of the day, the EnderToys Santa Claus Action Figure may not be the perfect toy for everyone, primarily those seeking an officially branded product or one offering printed patterns on plastic. Beware of the small parts, however, as they could quickly become lost and pose a choking hazard to young kids. That said, for those seeking an entertaining and festive action figure that inspires creativity and imaginative play, the search might just end here.

Happy holidays from our action-figure-filled home to yours!

LEGO Series 8 Santa Minifigure

LEGO Series 8 Santa Minifigure

We believe this is a fantastic addition to any LEGO collection, especially for the holiday season.


  • Well-designed Santa figure
  • Includes a toy sack accessory
  • Great for holiday displays


  • May be hard for younger kids to assemble
  • Slightly expensive compared to other Minifigures
  • Packaging isn’t ideal for gift-giving

Having just tried out this LEGO Series 8 Santa Minifigure, we were pleasantly surprised by its charming design and attention to detail. The Santa figure is well-crafted and comes with a cute little toy sack accessory, making it a delightful addition to any LEGO city or display.

While playing with this Santa Minifigure, we noticed that some younger kids might struggle to assemble it without instructions. So, for those little builders out there, parental guidance may be necessary to help them put it together correctly.

One thing we couldn’t help but notice is the price. Although not ridiculously expensive, it’s a bit more costly than other LEGO minifigures. But, considering the joy it brings to our holiday display, we think it’s well worth the investment.

We also want to mention that the packaging isn’t the most giftable, as it arrives in a small plastic bag. But, don’t let that deter you; with some creative gift wrapping, this little Santa figure will surely brighten up any LEGO enthusiast’s holiday season.

In conclusion, the LEGO Series 8 Santa Minifigure with his toy sack is not only an eye-catching decoration but also a fun addition to any LEGO-loving household. Although it has a few minor drawbacks, we think it’s a great way to infuse a bit of holiday spirit into your LEGO collection.

Department 56 Possible Dreams Santa’s One Horse Open Sleigh

Department 56 Possible Dreams Santa's One Horse Open Sleigh

We highly recommend this Santa Claus action figure for its captivating design and impeccable craftsmanship.


  • Marvelous attention to detail
  • Durable and well-crafted
  • Eye-catching and festive design


  • Slightly pricey
  • No musical feature
  • Larger size may need specific display space

When we first saw the Department 56 Possible Dreams Santa’s One Horse Open Sleigh action figure, we were instantly captivated by the details on it. As a part of an annual Christmas decoration or a unique collectible, it never fails to catch our eye. The colors are vibrant, and the craftsmanship is simply stunning, which makes us enjoy it time and time again.

However, we also noticed that the price point might be off-putting for some. Despite the attention to detail and the quality of craftsmanship, it’s understandable if some feel hesitant to spend on this festive figurine. But let us assure you that once purchased, this action figure will likely become an essential part of your holiday décor for years to come.

The only thing that could have made it better, in our opinion, is the addition of a musical feature. It would have been fantastic to have this action figure play “Jingle Bells” to further enhance the sleigh-riding vibe it exudes. Nonetheless, even without the music, it still manages to enchant us.

In conclusion, while the Department 56 Possible Dreams Santa’s One Horse Open Sleigh action figure comes with a slightly higher price tag and lacks a musical component, its outstanding design and quality make it a knockout addition to any holiday collection. Go ahead and treat yourself to this beautiful Santa Claus action figure – you won’t regret it!

Super 7 Optimus Prime Santa Transformers Reaction Figure

Super 7 Optimus Prime Santa Reaction Figure

We’d wholeheartedly recommend this festive Optimus Prime Santa figure to spice up your collection with a touch of humor.


  • Unique holiday design
  • High-quality build
  • Great addition to any collection


  • Not suitable for younger children
  • Limited poseability
  • Candy Cane accessory may be fragile

As collectors ourselves, we couldn’t resist adding the Super 7 Optimus Prime Santa Transformers Reaction Figure to our own lineup. This quirky figure puts a delightful twist on Optimus Prime by bringing the good ol’ Santa spirit into the mix.

The quality of the figure is impressive, and the attention to detail made us fall in love at first sight. From Santa’s hat to Optimus Prime’s festive outfit, it’s the perfect conversation piece for any Transformers enthusiast. We also appreciate how well it fits in with our existing collection.

However, we should mention that this figure may not be ideal for younger fans (recommended for ages 12+). Not only is this Santa-Prime geared more towards the collector side of things, but the candy cane accessory might also pose a potential choking hazard or break easily. Additionally, the poseability of this specific figure is somewhat limited compared to other action figures.

In conclusion, we think the Super 7 Optimus Prime Santa Transformers Reaction Figure is a fantastic addition to any collection, especially for fans who adore a touch of humor and festivity. Just be mindful of its intended audience and limitations when adding it to your display.

Best Santa Claus Action Figures

You’re in for a treat! Below, you’ll find our curated list of the most exciting Santa Claus action figures. Get ready to elevate your festive spirit with these amazing choices.

Kurt S. Adler 18″ Kringle Klaus Elegant Santa

Kurt S. Adler KK0039 Santa, Multi-Color, 18" Tall

You’ll love adding this 18-Inch Kringle Klaus Elegant Santa from Kurt Adler to your holiday décor for its festive charm and regal appearance.


  • High-quality materials
  • Exquisite detailing
  • Great addition to your holiday collection


  • Fairly large size
  • Not suitable for outdoor display
  • Slightly heavy

Having just displayed this 18-Inch Kringle Klaus Elegant Santa action figure by Kurt S. Adler, I can say that the craftsmanship is impeccable. The polyester, PVC, and resin construction ensures the durability and quality of the figure; you’ll quickly notice the intricate detailing. Unique to Kurt Adler’s Kringle Klaus collection, this Santa adorns a beautiful regal robe with a matching hat, truly capturing the holiday spirit.

I particularly love the scene set with Santa holding a stocking filled to the brim in one hand and a sack full of Christmas décor in the other. It truly makes you feel the magic and warmth of the holiday season. The 18-inch height provides a great presence in your living room, office, or bedroom, and the multicolor design complements a variety of holiday decorations.

However, the relatively large size of the figure might not be suitable for smaller spaces. Additionally, while it’s crafted with durable materials, this Santa action figure is not designed for outdoor display, so be mindful when choosing a location for it. Lastly, keep in mind that it weighs over 15 pounds, which could make it somewhat difficult to maneuver when setting up your festive scene.

Nonetheless, the Kurt S. Adler 18-Inch Kringle Klaus Elegant Santa makes for a wonderful, festive addition to your holiday decorations. Its beautiful design and overall charm will certainly bring joy to your home this Christmas season.

Kurt S. Adler Santa Claus Action Figure

Kurt S. Adler Santa Claus

You will fall head over heels for this exquisite Kurt S. Adler Santa Claus action figure with its eye-catching gold finish and intricate design!


  • Impressive 17-inch size
  • High-quality materials – fabric mache, plastic, metal
  • Part of the renowned Kringle Klaus collection


  • Designed for indoor use only
  • Not suitable for small children
  • Limited customer reviews

Thanks to Kurt S. Adler, you can add an extra touch of festive cheer to your home this holiday season! This 17-inch Santa Claus action figure, part of the Kringle Klaus collection, is truly a sight to behold. With its fabric mache, plastic, and metal construction, you can be certain of the product’s durability and longevity.

One thing you might appreciate is the marvelous attention to detail in this Santa action figure. The gold finish is nothing short of breathtaking, making it an excellent centerpiece for your Christmas decorations. Furthermore, joining the Kringle Klaus collection is an added bonus! This line is known for its high-quality, collectible pieces, making it even more special.

However, it’s essential to mention that this Santa Claus action figure is designed for indoor use only, so it might not fare well outdoors. Keep it as an elegant addition to your indoor decor to ensure it remains in pristine condition. Additionally, due to its intricate detailing and design, it might not be suitable for households with small children who could accidentally damage it. Finally, as there are only a few customer reviews available, you might want to consider this before making your final decision.

In conclusion, the Kurt S. Adler Santa Claus action figure is an impressive and well-crafted collectible piece that will undoubtedly enhance your holiday decor. While designed for indoor use and better suited for adult collectors, it’s worth adding this beautiful retro figure of Jolly himself to your Christmas collection. Don’t miss out on the chance to own this remarkable gold-finished Santa action figure!

Kurt S. Adler 10.5-Inch Fabriché Snowy Woods Santa

Kurt S. Adler Snowy Woods Santa

Add a touch of vintage charm to your holiday décor with this beautifully crafted Snowy Woods Santa action figure.


  • High-quality materials and handcrafted details
  • Captures a sense of nostalgia with its design
  • Charming woodland creatures accompany Santa


  • Limited availability
  • Higher price point due to craftsmanship
  • May not fit with all holiday décor themes

This stunning 10.5-inch Fabriché Snowy Woods Santa from Kurt S. Adler is an exquisite addition to any Christmas collection. The moment you lay your eyes on it, you’ll be transported to a serene winter scene where Santa is taking a walk through the snowy woods with his forest friends.

In this meticulously crafted action figure, old-fashioned Santa is accompanied by a tiny bunny, a small squirrel peeking out of his pocket, and a bird perched on his staff. The overall design has a magical, peaceful quality, reminiscent of Christmas Past, making it perfect for a Victorian or woodland setting. The use of soft colors like white, ivory, grey, and beige adds to its elegant charm.

Kurt S. Adler has gone above and beyond with the attention to detail on this piece. Handcrafted using a mix of materials like fabric mache, PVC, and resin, the Santa figure in authentic Fabriché fabric is meant to be a treasured heirloom for your annual holiday celebrations. You can tell how much care has been put into creating a piece with such a gentle, kind expression on Santa’s face.

While the action figure is undoubtedly beautiful, it may not fit all holiday décor themes. Its unique design and handcrafted details also set it at a higher price point than other Santa action figures. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for an exceptional piece with a strong nostalgic feel that will stand out in your holiday display, this Fabriché Snowy Woods Santa from Kurt S. Adler is worth considering.

Kurt S. Adler 7-Inch LED Santa with Sleigh

Kurt S. Adler 7-Inch LED Santa with Sleigh

Get into the festive spirit with this eye-catching Kurt S. Adler 7-Inch LED Santa with Sleigh, perfect for brightening up your home and adding a touch of magic to your holiday decor.


  • Unique and modern design
  • Battery-operated for convenience
  • Eye-catching LED lights


  • No USB cable included
  • Doesn’t play music as expected
  • Smaller than anticipated

This Kurt S. Adler 7-Inch LED Santa with Sleigh is a charming, modern piece that would make a fabulous addition to your festive decorations. The colorful LED lights ensure this captivating table piece stands out and adds a warm, magical ambiance to your space.

However, you might be disappointed to discover that there’s no USB cable included, even though it’s shown in the product photo. As a result, you’ll need to rely on batteries for this ornament. Keep in mind that it requires 3 AAA batteries, which aren’t provided.

Another slight downside is the lack of musical features. Some users have reported expecting it to play music, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a built-in speaker. Despite these minor setbacks, the product itself remains a beautiful and eye-catching addition to any home.

Lastly, you may find this Santa with Sleigh table piece to be smaller than you anticipated. It’s essential to pay close attention to the dimensions provided in the description to avoid any size-related surprises. Nonetheless, this charming Kurt S. Adler 7-Inch LED Santa with Sleigh remains a delightful holiday decoration, bringing joy and a festive atmosphere to your home.

Kurt S. Adler Santa Treeskirt

Kurt S. Adler Santa Treeskirt

Upgrade your Christmas tree with this beautifully detailed Santa Treeskirt for an extra festive touch.


  • High-quality polyester material
  • Vibrant Santa face and hat design
  • Spacious 52-inch round size


  • Might be too large for smaller trees
  • Limited to Santa-themed décor
  • Some users desire an even larger size

After adding the Kurt S. Adler Santa Treeskirt to your holiday decorations this year, you’ll immediately notice the difference it makes. With its vivid Santa face and hat design, it beautifully captures the spirit of the season and adds a touch of whimsy to your tree.

Made of durable polyester, this 52-inch round tree skirt is perfect for trees of various sizes. The material not only feels luxurious, but it also holds up well, making it a great investment for many Christmases to come. It lies smoothly under the tree and easily accommodates a large number of gifts, bringing an added layer of festivity to your holiday setup.

While the Santa design adds a unique touch of charm, this tree skirt may not suit everyone’s taste, especially if your décor doesn’t include a consistent Santa theme. Also, some users have mentioned that they would like an even larger size for their tree. But, ultimately, the Kurt S. Adler Santa Treeskirt is a delightful addition to any holiday home, providing joy and conversation for you and your guests. So go ahead and treat yourself to this festive upgrade!

Buying Guide

Are you excited to find the perfect Santa Claus action figure? We’re here to help! In this buying guide, we’ll provide some essential tips and factors to consider when searching for the ultimate Santa Claus action figure to add to your collection or gift to someone special.

Materials and Build Quality

It’s essential to look for high-quality materials in your Santa Claus action figure! You’ll want a figure made from durable materials such as PVC, ABS, or hard plastic to ensure it lasts and withstands any festive playtime.

Articulation and Posability

What’s more exciting than having a Santa Claus action figure that can be posed in various stances? Look for a figure with multiple points of articulation, such as moveable arms, legs, and head, to bring your Santa to life.

Size and Scale

When choosing your Santa Claus action figure, consider the size and scale that best suits your needs. Action figures come in various sizes, usually measured in inches or centimeters. Make sure the figure fits well within your display or play area.

Accessories and Additional Features

The more, the merrier! Check out Santa Claus action figures that come with additional accessories, such as a toy sack, reindeer, or even a sleigh. These extra details can make your figure even more festive and exciting!

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect Santa Claus action figure. Happy shopping, and may your holiday season be filled with joy and excitement!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Santa-themed action figures?

You’ll love the wide selection of Santa-themed action figures available in the market! Top choices include the classic Jolly Santa, the fun and quirky Superhero Santa, and of course, the adorable Mini Santa. Don’t forget to take a look at the charming Coca-Cola Santa figures for a touch of nostalgia and collectibility!

Where can I buy a Zombie Santa figure?

Zombie Santa figures are all the rage now, and you can find them at speciality stores like Dark Side Toys or online marketplaces like Etsy and eBay. There’s nothing like adding a unique twist on the classic Santa figure to make your collection stand out!

Any classic Santa Claus figures available?

Absolutely! The timeless Holiday Classics line is your go-to for high-quality, detailed classic Santa Claus figures. These festive beauties are available at major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Not only will they make a great addition to your collection, but they’re also perfect for spreading holiday cheer at home or as a gift to family and friends.

Which stores have an exclusive Santa action figure?

Many large toy retailers and department stores carry their own exclusive Santa action figures, especially during the holiday season. Keep an eye on stores like Toys R Us, Walmart, and Target for exclusive releases. Additionally, smaller hobby shops and comic book stores may also have unique Santa figures in stock.

Are there limited edition Santa Claus figures?

Yes, there are special edition retro figure out! If you’re a serious collector, limited edition Santa Claus figures are worth seeking out. These exclusive releases often come with unique features or designs. Annual holiday action figure sets like the Christmas Collectors Club often include limited edition Santa figures, so get in on the action while they’re available!

Do any Santa figures come with a carrying case?

Great question! Toy manufacturers understand the importance of protecting your most beloved characters and Santa figures. You can find special Santa figures that come with their own carrying case, or you can invest in a separate protective case designed specifically for action figures. Keep your collection safe, organized, and ready to display!