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  2. Skeleton Action Figure: Rib-Tickling Fun for Your Collection!

Skeleton Action Figure: Rib-Tickling Fun for Your Collection!

Jul 15, 2024
Skeleton Action Figure

Action figures have long been a staple in the toy industry, providing countless hours of entertainment and imaginative play for kids and collectors alike. There’s an action figure to cater to practically any pop-culture enthusiast, whether they’re passionate about superheroes, movie characters, or even historical figures. Among these vast options, skeleton action figures have struck a chord with collectors and youngsters who have a penchant for the macabre.

Skeleton action figures add a unique touch to one’s collection, boldly embracing the eerie aesthetic associated with Halloween and other darkly-themed occasions. These bony characters range from well-known personalities such as Skeletor from Masters of the Universe to more generic yet charming spooky skeletons that dance and rattle. Our fascination with skeletons goes beyond just action figures, and further into the realms of art, movies, and literature.

When venturing into the world of purchasing skeleton action figures, there are several factors to consider, such as material, level of detail, durability, and size. These factors can significantly impact the overall quality and enjoyment derived from the product. Additionally, safety aspects like non-toxic materials and age appropriateness are also of paramount importance when choosing a skeleton action figure for a child.

Twists turns, and endless hours of research led us through the haunted world of skeleton action figures. We’ve narrowed down the options to a select few that will surely send a shiver down your spine, and make outstanding additions to your collection. So come along, if you dare, as we unearth these top contenders.

Best Skeleton Action Figures

Ahoy there, bone enthusiasts! Feast your spooky eyes on our curated collection of the absolute best skeleton action figures out there. Get ready to rattle some bones!

Super Articulated Type S 8 Inch Skeleton Action Figure

Super Articulated Skeleton

If you’re in search of an easily customizable and possible skeleton action figure, this is the one for us.


  • Highly customizable with screw-assembled chest piece
  • Interchangeable parts with other male 8-inch bodies (except legs)
  • The movable jaw for various poses


  • Legs not exchangeable with other male bodies
  • Potential choking hazard due to small parts
  • May not suit those not interested in customization

We recently tried the Super Articulated Type S 8-inch Skeleton Action Figure from Figures Toy Company, and we really loved its customizable features. The screw-assembled chest piece provided us with easy options for swapping out heads, arms, and other parts with other Type S male 8-inch bodies. The only downside is that the legs are not interchangeable with these bodies. Nonetheless, the customization options are fantastic for anyone passionate about creating unique figures.

One feature that especially caught our attention was the movable jaw. Our skeleton action figure could be posed with an open or closed mouth, giving it a more realistic and engaging appearance. It’s perfect for those looking to create a spooky Halloween display or for custom figure makers aiming to create an eerie scenario.

However, it’s worth mentioning some safety concerns. The small parts of this skeleton action figure may pose a choking hazard for children. Plus, for those who are not into customization, this figure may not be as appealing since its main draw is the ability to mix and match parts.

In conclusion, we found the Super Articulated Type S 8 Inch Skeleton Action Figure to be an excellent choice for those who are interested in customizing their action figures and creating unique poses with a high level of detail. So, if that sounds like us, this skeleton action figure is definitely worth checking out!

Grateful Dead Reaction Figure Wave 3 – Uncle Sam Skeleton

Grateful Dead Reaction Figure Wave 3 - Uncle Sam Skeleton

This Uncle Sam Skeleton is just the thing to light up our collection, especially if we’re a Grateful Dead fan!


  • Classic Uncle Sam design
  • 5 points of articulation
  • Amazing full art card back


  • Red paint may look too pink
  • Not recommended for kids under 14 years
  • Limited edition – can become hard to find

We picked up this Super7 Grateful Dead Reaction Figure Wave 3 that features Uncle Sam Skeleton, inspired by the song “U.S. Blues,” and let us tell you, it really brought life to our collection! It’s so well-designed in its red & white striped jacket, top hat, sunglasses, and silver walking cane that we couldn’t help but admire it every single day.

The figure itself is a 3.75-inch tall articulated beauty. We found the 5 points of articulation to be rather impressive, letting us pose Sam in all sorts of cool ways! The beautiful full art cardback that comes with it also seems like it’s straight out of a Grateful Dead dream, which is just delightful.

However, there were a couple of downsides we noticed. Firstly, although we didn’t mind it much, the red paint on the figure’s jacket appeared somewhat pinkish. It may not be the vibrant red we were expecting for an Uncle Sam figure but, hey, it’s still charming. And the 14+ age recommendation may make it less suitable for younger kids who love the Grateful Dead. Lastly, since it’s a limited edition release, finding one can be challenging, so make sure to grab one while you can.

In conclusion, we truly believe that this Uncle Sam Skeleton action figure is the perfect addition to our collection, especially if we’re Dead Heads! With its iconic design and articulation, it will surely brighten up our shelves. But if you spot one, act quickly! These tend to get snapped up fast.

NABIAN Halloween Movable Mr. Bones Skeleton

NABIAN Halloween Movable Mr. Bones Skeleton

We think this little skeleton friend is a fun and unique addition to your Halloween decorations, but be gentle with him!


  • Realistic movable joints
  • Perfect size for 9 cm/3.54 inch decoration
  • Suitable for various spooky occasions


  • Fragile and delicate parts
  • Difficulty in standing on its own
  • Arm and leg attachments may be loose

This adorable NABIAN Halloween Movable Mr. Bones Skeleton action figure caught our attention with its realistic movable joints. We had a blast posing the little guy in different positions as we prepared for our haunted house and Halloween party. The 9 cm/3.54-inch size of the figure is a great addition to our spooky decor, and we’ve never seen anything quite like it!

However, we also noticed that Mr. Bones is rather fragile. While posing him, we needed to be extra careful not to accidentally break any parts. Additionally, the figure had some difficulty standing on its own, which was a bit of a challenge when trying to place him in our Halloween setups. We also encountered some issues with arm and leg attachments coming loose without much effort.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a unique and charming skeleton action figure to enhance your Halloween decorations, give NABIAN Halloween Movable Mr. Bones Skeleton a try. Just remember to handle him with care, and perhaps find a way to secure him in place, so he doesn’t topple over. If you can overlook the delicate nature of this figure, then Mr. Bones will surely be a hit at any spooky event!

Papo Multicolor Skeleton

Papo Skeleton

Embark on thrilling adventures with this Papo Skeleton, a must-have companion for battling mythical creatures.


  • Realistic and detailed design
  • Stimulates children’s imagination and curiosity
  • High-quality, durable construction


  • Smaller than expected (3.5-4 inches)
  • Limited possibility
  • Slightly flimsy feel in comparison to other Papo figures

We recently had a chance to add this Papo Multicolor Skeleton to our collection of fantastical action figures. It was a highly anticipated addition, primarily due to its impressively realistic and detailed design. Upon unboxing it, we noticed the extreme care taken in crafting this action figure – it truly brought the skeleton to life.

While incorporating it into our imaginative world of heroic quests and mythical battles, we found its size (3.5-4 inches) to be somewhat smaller than expected. Nonetheless, its high-quality and durable construction made it an excellent playtime companion for our children. They enjoyed creating epic stories alongside dragons, Phoenixes, and other magical creatures with this little fella.

However, the Papo Skeleton did have a few downsides. Its possibility was limited, and without the ability to adjust its position, it felt more like a statuette than a fully-featured action figure. Additionally, compared to other Papo figures we’ve owned, this skeleton had a slightly flimsier feel that couldn’t compete with its sturdier counterparts.

Overall, the Papo Multicolor Skeleton is a captivating addition to any action figure collection, particularly for children who enjoy immersing themselves in imaginative tales of adventure. Its lifelike design and durable body outweigh its minor drawbacks, making it an exciting gift or personal indulgence for anyone seeking an adventure companion.

FINGOOO Skeletons for Halloween Decor

FINGOOO Skeletons for Halloween Decor

These adorable mini skeleton figurines are perfect for adding a spooky touch to your Halloween decorations.


  • Realistic tiny skeleton design
  • Poseable head and legs
  • Comes with 5 meters of jute rope


  • Arms are not movable
  • No loop for easy hanging
  • May not hang straight

We recently got our hands on these FINGOOO Skeletons for Halloween Decor, and they were a pleasant addition to our haunted house accessories. The 6-piece set of 5.9-inch mini skeletons is ideal for creating a creepy atmosphere at your Halloween party or graveyard scene.

What captured our spooky hearts about these little skeletons is the realistic design and bone color. They are clean and ready to use, but you can also take matters into your own hands and dirty them up if you want.

While we loved playing with the 360-degree rotation of the heads and legs, we were slightly disappointed that the arms remained stationary. This limited us in creating some fun poses with them, but we managed to make the most out of it.

Hanging these skeleton figurines can get a bit tricky as they lack a loop for easy attachment. We had to work the jute rope between the spine and the ribcage, causing them not to hang straight at times. However, it didn’t dampen the overall creepy effect.

All in all, these FINGOOO Skeletons bring a horrifyingly delightful charm to any Halloween event. Despite the minor drawbacks, we still recommend them for those looking to spruce up their haunted houses, parties, or even as skeleton crafts.

Buying Guide

Ahoy, fellow skeleton action figure enthusiasts! We’re here to guide you through the bone-chilling process of finding the perfect skeleton action figure to rattle your collection. Let’s dive right into the marrow of the matter!

First of all, we should consider the scale of our bony buddies. Skeletons do vary in size, after all. Do we want a miniature version that can fit in our pockets for surprise scares, or are we looking for a life-sized monstrosity to guard our treasure? Make sure to measure the space we want our skeletal pal to occupy so we don’t end up with a surplus of bones on our hands.

Next, let’s tackle the issue of articulation—nobody likes a stiff skeleton! Consider the number of points of articulation on our prospective purchase. More points mean more flexibility and realistically creepy poses. Ideally, we’d like our skeletal friend to bust some spooky moves without losing any limbs in the process.

Now, let’s not forget about material quality. Our bony buddies should be able to withstand the occasional tumble from their haunted pedestals. Sturdy plastic or resin are good options for longevity, but remember, even the undead require a little TLC—tender, loving, care!

As for accessories, who doesn’t enjoy some customization? We might want to look for action figures that come with swappable hands, weapons, or costume pieces to really bring our skeleton’s story to life… or un-death, as it were.

Finally, the devil’s in the details—literally! Exceptional paintwork, intricate sculpting, and beady, glowing eyes can elevate a simple skeleton action figure from “meh” to “we have to have that in our collection, or we’ll be cursed for all eternity!”

So there you have it—our humorously haunting guide to finding the best skeleton action figure! Keep these pointers in mind, and we’re sure to find a bony buddy that’ll send shivers down our spines. Happy hunting, fellow collectors, and may the best skeleton win!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a skeleton action figure with lifelike bones?

We know that some action figure enthusiasts crave those bone-chilling, lifelike skeletons. For truly accurate bone structures, we suggest looking at well-known toy stores, online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, or even niche shops that specialize in action figures. Trust us, your quest for the perfect skeletal companion won’t go unfulfilled.

Is there a DIY kit to assemble my own skeleton warrior?

Absolutely! There are DIY skeleton action figure kits available for those who love getting hands-on with their bony warriors. These kits typically include customizable parts and detailed instructions to help you bring life (okay, maybe not real life) to your macabre masterpiece. Keep an eye out for hobby websites and online retailers.

Do skeleton action figures like Minecraft ones have souls?

As much as we’d love to believe that our bony buddies possess a soul, they are, sadly, just a collection of plastic parts. However, this doesn’t stop us from investing time, love, and affection in them. After all, they might not have souls, but they certainly have character!

What’s the most accurate anatomical skeleton figure for Biology class?

With so many skeleton action figures out there, finding a suitable candidate for biology class can be tricky. However, medical-grade and educational anatomical models are your best bet. These models are specifically designed to be highly accurate and consistent, making them ideal for educational settings. Look for sellers who specialize in anatomical and educational models to find that all-important study buddy.

Which store can I haunt to buy a Home Depot Skeleton action figure?

If you’re dying to get your hands on a Home Depot Skeleton, it makes sense to head straight to Home Depot. Alternatively, these prized figures can occasionally pop up on online platforms like eBay, Amazon, or even local listings on Facebook Marketplace. Just be prepared to act fast, as these spooktacular collectibles tend to vanish quickly!

Are there any poseable skeleton figures that can out-flex humans?

Out-flexing humans might be a tall order, but there are definitely poseable skeleton figures that offer extensive flexibility and articulation. Some high-quality figures have numerous points of articulation, allowing for an impressive range of poses and positions. Look for brands specializing in premium collectibles for the ultimate in skeletal acrobatics. However, as strong and agile as these figures are, we must accept that they still fall short of out-flexing us, the living.