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Wrestling Figure Database: A Comprehensive Guide for Collectors

May 20, 2024
Wrestling Figure Database

Wrestling figure collecting has become a popular hobby among fans of professional wrestling. A wrestling figure database is an extensive digital catalog that documents these collectible action figures, showcasing both recent releases and historic items from various wrestling promotions, including WWE, WCW, ECW, and more. These databases strive to provide collectors with an organized and comprehensive reference resource to help them identify and research their favorite figures and are driven by passionate volunteers and collectors from the wrestling figure community.

As a collector or enthusiast of wrestling action figures, you can delve into detailed information on significant characters like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Triple H, and many others. The wrestling figure database not only offers visually appealing, high-quality images but also accurate checklists to help you keep track of your collection. In addition, these databases may feature articles related to specific figures or series, along with upcoming releases to watch for, in order to keep fans engaged and informed.

Key Takeaways

  • Wrestling figure databases serve as comprehensive digital catalogs for collectors and enthusiasts.
  • The information provided includes visuals, checklists, and details about significant characters.
  • Databases also keep collectors updated on recent and upcoming releases in the wrestling figure world.

Wrestling Figure Database

The Wrestling Figure Database is a valuable resource for fans and collectors of wrestling action figures. This database aims to find, research, catalog, and produce the most thorough historical record of wrestling action figures on the internet. As a professional, you may appreciate the extensive information and visual examples provided by this ever-growing database.

By exploring the Wrestling Figure Database, you’ll discover a wide range of figures from various brands and periods. For example, you’ll find Mattel’s WWE Basic, Elite, and Ultimate Edition figures, as well as older series from Jakks Pacific WWE and Toy Biz WCW. This comprehensive catalog offers visual examples and accurate checklists that assist you in expanding your knowledge about wrestling figures.

In addition to figures, the database also includes information on wrestling merchandise, such as accessories, wrestling rings, playsets, and other ephemera. This essential reference will help you stay updated on the latest action figure releases and announcements in the wrestling world.

Another great source for wrestling figure enthusiasts is WrestlingFigs.com, which serves as the number one wrestling figure community and news site. This platform focuses on connecting fellow collectors and offering up-to-date information, enabling you to expand your network and get the latest news in the wrestling figure arena.

When it comes to collecting or researching wrestling figures, the Wrestling Figure Database and WrestlingFigs.com are indispensable resources to fulfill your needs in staying informed. By utilizing these tools, you empower yourself with the knowledge and insights necessary to become a more informed and educated collector. So dive into these databases and enjoy expanding your familiarity with the captivating world of wrestling figures.

Wrestling Action Figures

Wrestling action figures have been a popular collectible item for fans of professional wrestling. As a collector or enthusiast, you might be interested in the various series and exclusive figures that showcase your favorite wrestlers from different eras. In this section, we will discuss the following sub-categories: Elite Series, Retro Series, Ultimate Edition, Exclusive Figures, and Legends Series.

Elite Series

The Elite Series features highly detailed, highly articulated figures that offer an exceptional level of authenticity. These Mattel WWE figures often come with additional accessories such as cloth clothing, interchangeable hands, or championship belts. Some of the most sought-after wrestling figures can be found in this series, providing collectors with an opportunity to display iconic moments in wrestling history.

Retro Series

If you’re a fan of nostalgic wrestling action figures, the Retro Series is perfect for you. This line brings back the classic style and look of wrestling figures from the past, combining them with the modern quality and detail of Mattel figures. Characters like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage can be found in this series, bringing back memories of WWE’s golden era.

Ultimate Edition

As a collector, the Ultimate Edition series offers the most deluxe wrestling figures available. These WWE Mattel figures feature increased articulation, interchangeable parts, and premium accessories that give a lifelike representation of the wrestlers. Ideal for collectors who want a top-tier addition to their collection, the Ultimate Edition includes legendary wrestlers such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Triple H.

Exclusive Figures

In your hunt for exclusive wrestling figures, you might come across limited-edition collectibles available only from specific retailers or events. Some examples include figures exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con International or Target, offering a unique appeal to your collection. Be sure to keep an eye out for these rare finds and add a sense of exclusivity to your wrestling figure collection.

Legends Series

For those who appreciate the history and legacy of professional wrestling, the Legends Series is a must-have. This line of wrestling action figures pays tribute to the all-time greats who have graced the squared circle with their presence. From legends like Andre the Giant and Bret “The Hitman” Hart to more recent icons like The Rock and Shawn Michaels, these figures capture the essence of what makes these wrestlers truly legendary. By collecting the Legends Series, you can showcase the rich history and evolution of professional wrestling in your collection.

Remember to explore various websites, forums, and social media communities to stay updated on the latest releases and to engage with fellow wrestling figure enthusiasts. Happy collecting!

Significant Characters

As you dive into the fascinating world of wrestling figures, you’ll encounter numerous significant characters that have left their mark on the sport. Let’s take a moment to discuss some of these iconic wrestlers.

Hulk Hogan, a legendary figure in the wrestling world, has had countless wrestling figures made in his likeness. Known for his iconic mustache and bandana, Hogan’s figures are highly sought after by collectors.

Rey Mysterio is another famous wrestler with an extensive collection of action figures. His unique masks and high-flying moves make him a fan favorite, and collectors appreciate the attention to detail in his figures.

Triple H has been a staple in the wrestling domain for decades with multiple figure releases. His various personas, such as “The Game” and “The King of Kings,” are well-represented in figure form.

Brock Lesnar, known for his intimidating presence and impressive strength, also holds a dominant position in the wrestling figure industry. His distinctive tattoos and intimidating stance are captured meticulously in his figures.

Some notable tag team wrestlers, like Jimmy Uso and Jeff Hardy, have their own figure releases. These usually reflect their signature moves and athletic abilities, adding value to your wrestling figure collection.

Other popular wrestling figures include Daniel Bryan, known for his “Yes!” movement and technical prowess, and John Morrison, a versatile wrestler with a charismatic personality. Fans of these wrestlers eagerly search for their action figures to complete their collection.

Names like Samoa Joe, Cesaro, and William Regal may also pique your interest as they are well-respected figures with distinct wrestling styles. Collectors appreciate their unique figure designs and articulation that allow for recreating famous wrestling moves.

The wrestling figure database also showcases some of the newer and rising stars like Karrion Kross and Keith Lee. These figures present the opportunity to add contemporary wrestlers to your collection.

In addition to male wrestlers, notable female stars such as Nia Jax and Ember Moon also have figures that capture their powerful presence in the ring. Collectors often seek these figures to diversify their lineup.

Lastly, exclusive figures like Cactus Jack ECW RSC Exclusive enrich your collection as they usually reflect a specific time or moment in a wrestler’s career. These figures hold great significance for diehard fans and collectors alike.

As you explore the wrestling figure database, keep an eye out for these significant characters and their figures. Collecting these icons will undoubtedly enhance your wrestling figure collection and showcase the diverse range of personalities and skills within the sport.

Recent and Upcoming Releases

As a wrestling figure collector, you might be excited to learn about recent and upcoming releases that have been making waves in the wrestling figure community. In this section, we’ll briefly discuss some major series launches and additions that have garnered interest, such as Survivor Series 21, Top Talent 22, Top Picks 23 Wave 1, Top Talent 23, Greatest Hits 1, SummerSlam 22, and Legends 12-16. By being informed about the latest figures, you can stay up-to-date and plan your future collection additions.

Survivor Series 21 and SummerSlam 22 have been two notable series releases, featuring new and updated wrestling figures modeled after your favorite wrestling superstars who appeared in these respective events. These figures are perfect for those looking to diversify their current collection with recent event-specific releases.

The Top Talent line has seen major additions recently, with both the 2022 (Top Talent 22) and 2023 (Top Talent 23) series which focus on the best-of-the-best wrestlers currently making a splash in the wrestling arena. In the same vein, the Top Picks 23 Wave 1 series offers collectors a selection of highly sought-after figures of wrestlers that have been making waves.

For the collectors searching for a more nostalgic touch, the Greatest Hits 1 collection features iconic wrestlers brimming with charisma and legendary status. This series is a great opportunity to remember and cherish the contributions of these athletes to the wrestling world.

The Legends series has been quite popular, with multiple releases in the 12th to 16th series, showcasing various wrestling legends and their unforgettable performances in the ring. Collectors appreciate these legends for their incredible talent, memorable personas, and career-defining moments.

In conclusion, as an avid wrestling figure collector, these recent and upcoming releases cover a wide range of superstar wrestlers, both past and present. By staying updated with series like Survivor Series 21, Top Talent 22, Top Picks 23 Wave 1, Top Talent 23, Greatest Hits 1, SummerSlam 22, and Legends 12-16, you can ensure your collection remains current and well-rounded to include the greatest wrestling champions.

Checklists and Memories

As a wrestling figure collector, checklists are a valuable resource for tracking your collection and discovering new additions. The Wrestling Figure Database offers comprehensive checklists for various toy lines, such as Jazwares AEW Unrivaled Collection, 100% Lucha, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Creating memories through your collection is an essential part of the experience. Many collectors have fond memories of watching their favorite wrestlers perform and obtaining their respective action figures, either as childhood favorites or valuable additions to their adult collection.

The checklists available on the database will not only help you organize and manage your collection but also evoke memories associated with each figure. The 25 points of articulation and real 3D scanned likenesses offered by AEW Unrivaled Collection, for example, enhance the authenticity of the figures, making them a cherished part of your wrestling memories.

To make the most of the Wrestling Figure Database, take advantage of its various features, such as searching for specific wrestling figures or browsing through different categories. While exploring the database, you are likely to discover wrestling figures that remind you of a particular match or storyline, reigniting your passion for the sport and its memorable moments.

Overall, the Wrestling Figure Database serves as a useful and engaging tool for collectors. It not only assists in organizing and expanding your wrestling figure collection but also helps you relive and cherish the memories associated with your favorite wrestlers and the matches they have been part of.

Social Media Presence

As a passionate wrestling figure collector, you can stay informed and connected with the Wrestling Figure Database community by following their Twitter account. Their presence on Twitter allows you to receive the latest news and updates on wrestling figures, as well as engage with fellow collectors and enthusiasts.

By following the Wrestling Figure Database on Twitter, you’ll have access to announcements of newly added figures to the database, including Mattel’s WWE Basic, Elite, and Ultimate Edition series. Additionally, the Twitter account serves as a platform for collectors worldwide to share their personal collections, discuss their passion for wrestling figures, and contribute to the ever-growing wrestling figure community.

Moreover, engaging with the Wrestling Figure Database on Twitter could provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with other wrestling figure collectors. By participating in discussions and sharing your thoughts and experiences, you may connect with like-minded enthusiasts passionate about scholarly cataloging and research in the wrestling figure world.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the thriving wrestling figure community and to stay updated on the latest news regarding your beloved collectibles. Be sure to follow the Wrestling Figure Database on Twitter and actively engage with the content and discussions they provide for your benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to track my wrestling figure collection?

To track your wrestling figure collection, you can use online sources like the Wrestling Figure Database. There, you can find checklists, visual examples, and accurate information about various wrestling figure lines. Regularly updating your collection details and keeping an organized list can also make it easier to track your collection’s growth.

How can I find the value of my old wrestling figures?

To find the value of your old wrestling figures, you can consult resources such as eBay for current market prices based on recent sales. Ensure that the condition and packaging of your figures are taken into consideration when comparing prices. Online forums and websites focused on wrestling figures could also provide further insight.

Where can I find a checklist of Mattel WWE Elite Series figures?

The Wrestling Figure Database is a reliable source to find a checklist of Mattel WWE Elite Series figures. This platform provides printable checklists that can help you track and organize your collection more effectively.

What are some reputable retailers for purchasing wrestling figures?

Some reputable retailers for purchasing wrestling figures include:

  • Ringside Collectibles
  • WrestlingFigs.com
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Local and online hobby shops
  • Official WWE shop

Before purchasing, always ensure that the retailer you choose is authentic and trustworthy to avoid damaged or fake products.

Are there any resources for identifying and cataloging WWE RetroFest figures?

Yes, you can refer to the Wrestling Figure Database for accurate checklists and visual examples of WWE RetroFest figures. This resource helps collectors identify and catalog wrestling figures to assist in building and maintaining their collections.

How does the Build-a-Figure feature work for WWE wrestling figures?

The Build-a-Figure feature in WWE wrestling figures allows collectors to assemble a unique, exclusive figure by accumulating individual components. These components often come packaged with other action figures and are typically from the same series or collection. To complete the Build-a-Figure, you need to collect the entire set, ensuring that you have all the necessary pieces.