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X-Men Action Figures: The Ultimate Guide to New and Classic Marvel X-Men Toys

Jul 15, 2024
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X-Men action figures have been capturing the imaginations of fans young and old since their debut, inspired by the popular Marvel Comics series and various films and TV adaptations. These collectible toys are not only a great way for enthusiasts to showcase their love for the franchise, but they also provide endless opportunities for creative play and storytelling for children and adults alike. From classic X-Men characters to the latest members of the team, there is an action figure for every fan to cherish and display.

X men the ultimate guide

When it comes to choosing the perfect X-Men action figure, there are several factors to consider, such as materials, size, articulation, and overall design. The type of material can impact the durability and feel of the figure, while size and weight should be considered for display or play purposes. Articulation is an essential aspect to consider, as having more points of articulation can allow for more diverse poses during play or display.

In addition, collecting these Marvel action figures can also mean seeking a balance between classic renditions of characters and the newer, edgier designs from recent storylines. Some collectors may prioritize having figures in their original costumes, while others may want to collect every version of their favorite character. Regardless of your preferences, there’s an impressive selection of X-Men figures to choose from, each with its own distinctive appeal.

We dedicated our time and effort to research and compare various X-Men action figures in order to curate a selection that caters to the diverse tastes and needs of fans and collectors. Whether you’re a longtime enthusiast or discovering these action-packed heroes for the first time, our recommendations will help you find the best figures to elevate your collection or expand your imaginative play possibilities.

Best X-Men Action Figures

We have compiled a list of the top X-Men action figures, toys, and marvel collectibles that every fan will love. Check out our carefully selected favorites, which include classic and new X-Men figures to add to your collection.

Marvel Classic Hasbro Legends Series 6″ Cannonball Figure

Marvel's Cannonball Figure

This Cannonball action figure is a great addition to any X-Men collection, but falls short due to the lack of legs included.


  • High-quality design inspired by X-Men comics
  • Premium articulation and detailing
  • Includes Marvel’s Wendigo build-a-figure part


  • No legs for the character
  • Limited poseability due to missing legs
  • May require additional purchase for more complete version

In our experience with the Marvel Classic Hasbro Legends Series 6″ Collectible Action Figure Cannonball Toy, we found that the figure is well-designed and faithful to the character’s appearance in the X-Men comics. The detailing and articulation of the figure allow it to be displayed in various poses within your Marvel collection.

However, the major drawback that we encountered with this figure is the complete absence of Cannonball’s legs. As a result, the action figure appears to be permanently flying, which limits the possibility and display options for collectors. Although the flame-energy effect looks great, we would have preferred if Hasbro had included an alternative set of legs for the character.

Despite the missing legs, this Cannonball figure is still a valuable addition to any X-Men or Marvel collection, thanks to its comic-accurate design and the inclusion of a Wendigo build-a-figure part. Collectors can still enjoy the figure and combine it with other characters from the Marvel Legends Series. While we recommend this figure for its overall quality, it is important to keep in mind the limitations due to the missing legs.

Marvel Classic Nightcrawler Action Figure

Marvel Classic Nightcrawler Action Figure

A must-have for X-Men fans and collectors, the Marvel Classic Nightcrawler Action Figure offers premium design and exceptional articulation perfect for display or play.


  • Highly detailed and accurate comic-inspired design
  • Premium 6-inch scale and articulation for dynamic poseability
  • Includes Wendigo Build-A-Figure part for added value


  • Some occasional paint app inconsistencies
  • Packaging may arrive slightly damaged
  • Slightly overpriced for some buyers

The Marvel Classic Nightcrawler Action Figure is a remarkable 6-inch collectible that showcases Nightcrawler’s iconic features. Inspired by the X-Men comics, it has a sharp tail, sticky hands, and piercing yellow eyes that make it stand out among other action figures. We found the design and attention to detail truly impressive, with high poseability that allows for versatile display options.

This Nightcrawler figure is part of the Marvel Legends series and comes with three accessories for added play value. We thoroughly enjoyed the inclusion of the Wendigo Build-A-Figure part, which encourages collectors to purchase all the figures in the wave to build the complete Marvel’s Wendigo action figure. It adds an extra layer of excitement and collectability to the product.

One downside we noticed was that some buyers experienced slightly inconsistent paint applications, especially around the gloves and boots’ red and white areas. Additionally, the packaging may arrive a bit damaged in some cases, which could be a disappointment for fans seeking mint-condition packaging. Lastly, a few customers might find the price a tad high, but considering the figure’s overall quality and additional accessories, we believe it is worth the investment.

In conclusion, the Marvel Classic Nightcrawler Action Figure is an excellent addition to any Marvel fan’s collection, with its exceptional design, articulation, and bonus Wendigo Build-A-Figure part. Despite minor issues with paint and packaging, we highly recommend this figure for both kids and adult collectors who admire Nightcrawler and the X-Men universe.

Marvel Retro 6″ Iceman Action Figure

Iceman Action Figure

A great addition to any Marvel collector’s lineup, the Iceman action figure delivers on nostalgic charm and detailed design.


  • Retro-inspired packaging enhances collectibility
  • High poseability and classic details set it apart
  • Includes Iceman-specific ice slide accessory


  • Some may find it pricey for a single figure
  • Could benefit from additional accessories or alternate hands
  • Quality may not be consistent across all retro figures

Marvel’s Iceman action figure is exceptionally detailed and stays true to the classic character’s design, making it a must-have for fans of the X-Men series. The retro-inspired packaging adds an extra layer of nostalgia for those who remember the original comic book and toy releases.

The high level of articulation allows the figure to be displayed in various dynamic poses, perfect for action figure collections or dioramas. The included ice slide accessory adds a touch of authenticity to Iceman’s powers and gives collectors further options for display.

However, the price of this Iceman figure might be considered steep for some buyers, especially when compared to other action figures. It’s worth noting that the quality of retro Marvel figures can vary, so you might not get the same level of craftsmanship with every purchase in this line.

In conclusion, the Marvel Retro 6″ Iceman action figure is an appealing collectible for die-hard fans of the X-Men series and Marvel universe. Its nostalgia-evoking design, poseability, and ice slide accessory make it stand out, but its price point and potential quality inconsistency should be considered before adding it to your collection.

Marvel Retro 6″-Scale Cyclops Action Figure

Marvel Cyclops Action Figure

We confidently recommend the Marvel Retro 6″-Scale Cyclops Action Figure for collectors and fans of X-Men, as it offers an enjoyable and nostalgic collecting experience.


  • Retro-inspired packaging and design
  • Comic-inspired, character-specific accessories
  • Premium design and articulation for display


  • Some paint application issues reported
  • Slightly flimsy legs
  • Potential for lost accessories during play

The Marvel Retro 6″-Scale Cyclops Action Figure is a tribute to over 80 years of Marvel comic book history. We appreciate the retro packaging and design, which is inspired by the Marvel Comics and vintage Marvel toy packaging. This 6-inch collectible figure features multiple points of articulation and classic-inspired details that make it a great gift for Marvel and book collectors and fans.

We love that it includes two Cyclops-inspired accessories—an alternate head and optic blast—adding to the display and play value of the figure. However, we found we did notice some minor paint application issues and slightly flimsy legs, but these do not detract from the overall appeal of the figure.

The articulation and Marvel comic-inspired detail allow the Marvel Retro 6″-Scale Cyclops Action Figure to fit seamlessly into any action figure or Marvel vehicle collection. We also appreciate the wider Marvel Retro Collection, which offers additional 6-inch men’s action figures featuring Marvel comic-inspired back cards. Overall, this Cyclops figure is a fantastic addition to any X-Men or Marvel collection, despite the few minor drawbacks mentioned.

Marvel Retro 6″-Scale Fan Figure Collection Storm (X-Men) Action Figure Toy

Storm X-Men Action Figure

Marvel fans and collectors alike will appreciate this expertly designed 6-inch Storm action figure complete with exciting accessories.


  • Retro-inspired packaging for collectors
  • High possibility and Marvel comic-inspired detail
  • Includes character-specific, Storm-inspired accessories


  • Difficulty standing without additional support
  • Some minor issues with packaging during shipping
  • Possibly flimsy in certain areas

The Marvel Retro 6″-Scale Fan Figure Collection Storm is a beautifully designed action figure that pays tribute to one of the most iconic X-Men characters, Storm. The figure comes with character-specific, Storm-inspired lightning blast accessories that truly bring the figure to life and make it a great addition to any Marvel collection.

In terms of possibility and attention to detail, this Storm action figure does not disappoint. With multiple points of articulation, your Storm figure can be displayed in various dynamic poses, showcasing her weather-wielding powers with ease. The Marvel comic-inspired detail adds an authentic touch to this collectible, making it a must-have for both kids and adults who are fans of the X-Men comics.

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to this otherwise impressive figure. One issue is that Storm can have difficulty standing without additional support, possibly due to having flat feet. We recommend using a flight stand for added stability during display. Additionally, some customers have reported issues with their figures arriving in a damaged box or with bent fingers. These issues could potentially detract from the figure’s collectible value, so it’s important to keep this in mind when purchasing.

Overall, the Marvel Retro 6″-Scale Fan Figure Collection Storm is a high-quality representation of a beloved X-Men character and a must-have for Marvel collectors or fans. Just ensure proper support for display, and be prepared for the possibility of minor shipping issues.

Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing X-Men action figures, X-Men toys, or Marvel action figures X-Men, there are a few factors and information we need to consider to make a well-informed decision. In this guide, we will discuss the key features and aspects you should look for when choosing the best product.

Size and Scale

One important factor is the size and scale of the action figures. Determine whether you prefer larger, more detailed figures or smaller, more compact ones. Keep in mind that larger figures are generally more expensive and take up more space, while smaller figures may be easier to display and store.

Material and Durability

The material used for making the figures is another significant factor. High-quality X-Men action figures should be made from sturdy materials such as PVC or ABS plastic, which are both durable and lightweight. In addition, these materials enable the figures to hold their shape and paint job for an extended period.


We should also consider the articulation level of the X-Men action figures. Articulation refers to the number of points of movement a figure has. More articulation means greater possibility and flexibility, allowing us to recreate our favorite scenes or create unique displays. However, if you plan to keep your various x men action figures mostly in their original packaging, articulation might not be a primary

Set or Single Figure

Another aspect to think about is whether you want to purchase a set of action figures or individual action figures first. Sets often provide a more cohesive display, and sometimes a better value for money, especially if you are trying to build a substantial collection. On the other hand, individual figures may allow you to select only the characters you are most interested in.

Price and Budget

Lastly, consider your budget when purchasing X-Men action figures, X-Men toys or Marvel action figures X-Men. Prices can vary widely, so decide how much you are willing to invest in your collection. It’s essential to balance between quality and affordability, so look for figures and comics that offer the best value without compromising on the features that matter most to you.

In conclusion, by taking all these factors into account, we can make an informed decision when choosing the best X-Men action figures and toys in the market. Happy collecting!