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Your Comprehensive Guide on How to Keep Action Figures from Falling Over

Jun 20, 2024
How to Keep Action Figures from Falling Over

Every collector knows that an action figure’s value goes beyond its price tag. These small figurines encapsulate memories, embody favorite characters, and add aesthetic value to our spaces. Yet, maintaining their upright stance can often prove challenging. This comprehensive guide will delve into various strategies on how to keep action figures from falling over, ensuring one side of your prized collection always stands tall and proud.

Utilizing Stands

The Variety of Action Figure Stands

Action figure stands are perhaps the most straightforward solution to keep your collectibles upright. Different types of stands cater to varying needs, with some of the popular ones being peg stands, waist stands, and flight stands. Let’s delve into how each of these stands can help keep your action figures from falling over.

Peg Stands

Figures with peg holes in their feet can be connected to corresponding pegs on these toy stands. Examples include ProTech AFS-1C Clear Action Figure Stands and ProTech AFS-2 Black Action Figure Stands.

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Waist Stands

For figures that don’t have peg holes, waist stands come to the rescue. These holders provide support by clamping the figure around the peg hole at the waist. Products like Migavan Action Figure Stand and OBITSU Assembly Action Figure and Doll Stand are great options.

Flight Stands

Flight stands to allow figures, particularly those with flying poses, to be displayed standing in mid-air, adding dynamic visual appeal to your collection.

Creating Custom Stands

For action figures with unique designs or challenging stances, custom stands might be the answer. Some collectors create custom stands from materials such as acrylic plexiglass and dowel rods. Other DIY solutions include foam stands, and many figures that can be carved to fit the action figure perfectly.

What to Do When You Can’t Find a Display Stand for Your Action Figures

If you are looking for something more creative, there are other options. You can hang posters or frame and position your display art prints strategically to produce a visually immersive experience. The area around your display is just as important as the figures themselves. You can also try placing them on pedestals or wall-mounted displays to give your action figures center stage.

No matter what type of figure you have, there is always a way to show off your collection in an eye-catching and unique way. With the right display stands, holders/support stands, posters, frames, shelf risers, shelves, and wall-mounted displays, you can create a stunning setup that will be sure to impress anyone who sees it!

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Using Adhesive Solutions

Sticky Poster Tack and Museum Putty

An affordable and highly effective way to keep small action figures from falling over is to use sticky poster tack. This tack can be molded around the figure’s feet, providing the necessary grip. Another removable option that won’t damage your figures or the surface they’re on if fall over is museum putty.

Double-Sided Tape and Super Glue

In some cases, double-sided tape can be used to secure action figures to the surface. However, it’s crucial to note that superglue should only be used as a last resort due to its permanent nature.

Magnet-Based Solutions

One creative method to ensure action figures remain upright involves the use of magnets. This method typically involves drilling a small hole somewhere in the figure’s foot, inserting a magnet with adhesive, and letting the glue set. The figures can then be attached to metal surfaces or washers, providing stability and preventing them from tipping over.

Other Strategies

Using Support Structures

Sometimes, the simplest solution is to use the environment to your advantage. Leaning action figures against the wall can often solve stability and balance issues. For more complex poses or displays, fishing line suspension or clear perspex rods combined with a fishing line as a safety belt can be utilized.

Displaying in Cases

Glass display cases not only prevent figures from falling but also shield them from dust and sunlight. Options like IKEA glass cabinets or acrylic display cases with UV filtering offer both stability and protection for your action figures.


FAQs on How to Keep Action Figures from Falling Over

What should I consider when buying action figures stands?

It’s important to ensure compatibility and proper size when selecting stands or holders for other figures. Consider the action figure’s size, weight, pose, and design when selecting the stand.

Will sticky solutions like poster tack or double-sided tape damage my figures?

While most adhesives are safe for action figures, it’s always wise to test a small amount first. Certain types of tape or tack may leave residue or potentially damage the figure or the surface it’s applied.

Can I make my own stands for my action figures?

Absolutely! DIY stands to offer a personalized touch to your collection and are often a fun project for collectors. Materials like clay, wood, foam, or even 3D-printed plastics can be used to create custom display stands themselves.

Are there any alternatives if I can’t drill holes for magnets in my action figures?

Yes, there are alternatives like sticky poster tack, double-sided tape, museum putty, or even creating custom stands. You can also lean figures against the wall or use display cases.


There you have it – a comprehensive guide on how to keep action figures from falling over. Whether it’s investing in stands, applying adhesive solutions, creating DIY solutions, or utilizing magnets, each method offers unique benefits to maintain the poise of your cherished collectibles. Remember, every action figure is unique and different sizes may require different solutions for stability. Don’t shy away from experimenting and finding the best strategy for your collection. After all, the world of action figures is all about creativity and personal expression. Let your collection stand tall, proudly showcasing the beauty and memories each figure holds.