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Captain Marvel VS Wonder Woman

Apr 1, 2023

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Who you got?

As we anticipate two of the biggest female superhero movies of 2019 there is one burning question on everyone’s mind. If Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel were to fight it out, who would win?

Both Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at what they are, who’s faster, who’s stronger and which is more skilled. Let’s dive into this and try to see which one would win in a fight.

Wonder Woman received her powers from the Greek Gods themselves, including her incredible strength. In addition to this, she also has the speed of Hermes which allows her to travel at supersonic speeds. She possesses a high tolerance under extreme conditions while explosions and fire don’t often harm her. Wonder Woman can also fly at extremely high speeds and possesses a healing factor that allows her to quickly patch all her wounds. On top of all this, she has been gifted with the power of wisdom by Athena, which aids her in any situation that calls for careful planning and accurate execution.

Captain Marvel, on the other hand, has strength levels that allow her to lift and throw objects ranging between 75 to 92 tons. She can also fly, where she can easily hit speeds ranging around Mach-3. All that speed helps her in the agility department, allowing her to easily dodge speeding bullets, though she doesn’t really need to given that she’s already bulletproof. She is also able to absorb most types of energy, including explosive energy, which then boosts all of her attacks. This includes her already potent photon blasts, which have shattered Iron Man‘s armor completely in the past. She also has the ability to heal quickly from injuries like Wonder Woman.

Both Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman are heavyweights. The two of them both acquired strength from an unearthly source. Captain Marvel got her’s from the Kree while Wonder Woman is a demigod. Wonder Woman has received training from some of the best fighters and warriors the Earth has ever seen. Captain Marvel is a very skilled fighter as well with years of experience.

So, which one of these two incredible female heroes has the advantage when it comes to a fight.

While Captain Marvel is no B list superhero, Wonder Woman has the advantage between the two. She can trade punches with the likes of Superman and the Incredible Hulk. Captain Marvel couldn’t sustain a prolonged attack from either of these two powerhouses without first absorbing the power of an energy blast to boost her strength. If Wonder Woman were able to get in to close quarters, she can use all the skills she has acquired training with the best fighters in the world, therefore, it wouldn’t even be close. Captain Marvel has had her fair share of fights, but she’s never fought someone with Wonder Woman’s combination of power and skill before.

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