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Superman vs Thor

Feb 2, 2023

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Asgardian VS Kryptonian

Who would win?

Over the past few years Marvel and DC have become household names each with their own universe of characters spanning across comic books, TV shows, films and more. Some characters are more popular while others are more obscure. 2 of the most popular characters from Marvel and DC are Superman the son of Krypton and Thor Odinson the god of thunder.

Each of these titans is a formidable foe on their own. They have each faced difficult opponents and impossible odds and always find a way to come out on top. But what would happen in if these 2 superheroes were to engage in a 1 on 1 battle to the finish. Who would win? Before we can determine a winner, we need to take a look at each hero in more detail by breaking down each one’s powers and how they compare to one another.


When looking at strength it would seem both heroes are seemingly equally matched.

The original version of DC’s Superman was strong enough to tow several planets while in the current version (New 52 timeline) he can still bench press a planet for days.  He has also held a mini black hole in his hand, punched opponents into space and caught and thrown planet sized objects.

Marvel’s Thor is no weakling. In the past he was able to lift mountains, he punched The Hulk so hard he almost killed him, has created a black hole from sheer strength alone and caused a moon to crumble from the impact of his punches.



Taking a beating:

Both titans have survived nuclear explosions, they both survived being inside a sun, both are immune to bullets and can take punches from the hardest hitters who are capable of cracking planets.


When comparing speed Superman has the clear advantage. He has been known to move and think at the speed of light and can keep up with The Flash.

Thor can move faster than a speeding bullet and he can reach lightspeed while flying through space however he is no match for the speed Superman possesses.

Additional Powers:

Both heroes have an assortment of powers which compliment their super strength and speed.

Besides the powers mentioned above Superman also has heat vision, freeze breathe, super hearing and x-ray vision. Different versions of the character have had some additional abilities like turning back time and memory wiping kisses (we’re looking at you Christopher Reeves movies).

Thanks to Thor’s hammer Mjolnir he can teleport and travel between dimensions, he can time travel, manipulate weather (lighting storms) and can also absorb and redirect energy. Mjolnir also allows Thor to fly.


While both heroes aren’t invincible only superman has a very specific weakness being Kryptonite. Essentially, it’s a piece of Superman’s home planet Krypton which broke off and when close to Superman can render him weak and vulnerable to attacks. He is also known to be susceptible to magic however this does not have the same effect on him as Kryptonite.

Thor on the other has no specific weakness like Superman but he is vulnerable to most of the same attacks provided they are being dished out from a strong enough opponent.


So, who wins? If you factor all the various strengths and weaknesses, we think that overall Superman would win based on speed alone. Superman can move so fast Thor wouldn’t even see it coming. He would be able to dish out a heap of pain before Thor could even react. Even if Thor was able to get off some attacks Superman would be able to quickly move out the way.

Although… If Thor’s hammer Mjolnir was made of Kryptonite it would probably only take one good swing to take out the man of steel for good.

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