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Horror Action Figure Collection: Must-Have Items for 2024

May 20, 2024
Horror Action Figure
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Horror action figures have always held a special place in the hearts of collectors. Capturing both the festive joy and the spooky essence of the holiday season, these figures remind us of the thin line between the Christmas spirit and the shadows that lurk when it fades.

These unique and sometimes terrifying figures take the captivating elements of iconic horror films and transform them into tangible collectibles, blending holiday fear with traditional festive decorations in a way that only horror can.

Horror action figure collections can be a thrilling way to celebrate your favorite films and characters, while also making for great conversation starters as part of your home decor. Embracing the ho ho horror of the season, these figures offer a playful twist on holiday cheer, ensuring that your decorations stand out with a unique blend of terror and festivity.

The market for horror action figures is vast, with numerous manufacturers and series to choose from, featuring classic horror movie icons such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Pennywise the Clown. These figures often boast incredible attention to detail and provide an uncanny resemblance to their on-screen counterparts.

Whether you’re searching for the newest figures in an ongoing series or seeking out rare collectibles from past releases, the horror action figure world offers endless possibilities for enthusiasts.

When purchasing horror action figures, there are a few critical factors to consider. Quality and craftsmanship are essential, as the figure’s durability, articulation, and paint job will impact its overall aesthetic and ultimately its value. Additionally, it’s crucial to pay attention to the figure’s size and scale, ensuring that it fits well within your or display space.

Diving deeper into the realm of horror action figures, we have spent numerous hours examining the different options available in the market to find the perfect combination of craftsmanship, value, and creepiness for your collection. Let’s explore some of the most spellbinding and fear-inducing figures that will send chills down your spine and make fantastic additions to your horror collection.


Horror Action Figure Collection

Are you a fan of the spooky and the creepy? Below, you will find an amazing list of the best horror action figures to add to your supernatural collection. Get ready to embrace the eerie and spine-chilling world of your favorite horror characters!

NECA Ultimate Dracula (Transylvania) Universal Monster’s 7″ Scale Action Figure

NECA Ultimate Dracula

You won’t be disappointed with this officially licensed, highly detailed deluxe NECA action figure celebrating Dracula’s 90th anniversary.


  • Incredible likeness to Bela Lugosi
  • High-quality materials and design
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Captures the essence of Dracula as an extraordinary silver screen classic


  • No stand included
  • Cape may dye hands if in constant contact
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up

The level of detail and craftsmanship put into this NECA Ultimate Dracula (Transylvania) action figure is simply astonishing. As you hold it in your hands, you’ll be amazed by how much it looks like Bela Lugosi, the iconic actor who portrayed Dracula in the 1930s.

With three interchangeable heads, you have the freedom to display your action figure with different expressions, adding excitement to any horror collection. The soft goods cape adds a touch of sophistication, while various accessories such as a wine bottle, goblets, and a serving plate make it even more appealing.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that this action figure is designed for collectors aged 14 and up, with small parts posing a potential choking hazard. Additionally, this collector’s item doesn’t come with a stand, so you may need to purchase one separately to display it securely.

Overall, the NECA Ultimate Dracula (Transylvania) Universal Monster’s 7″ Scale action figure is a fantastic addition for any horror aficionado, with its incredible likeness to Bela Lugosi and a wide assortment of accessories. Just be aware of minor drawbacks like the potential for cape dye transfer and the need for a separate stand.


Super7 Universal Monsters Creature from The Black Lagoon – 11 in Super Cyborg Action Figure

Super7 Creature from the Black Lagoon

This Creature from the Black Lagoon action figure is a fantastic addition to any horror collection with its impressive details and exciting features.


  • Intricate sculpt and premium paint detailing
  • Highly articulated and comes with three removable plates revealing inner anatomy
  • Inspired by the classic Universal Monsters character


  • Price may be a bit high for some collectors
  • No additional accessories included
  • Packaging may sometimes be damaged upon arrival

As a horror action figure enthusiast, you’ll love the Super7 Universal Monsters Creature from The Black Lagoon. At 11 inches tall and highly articulated, it’s perfect to display or play with. The intricate sculpting and premium paint detailing make this figure stand out in any collection.

One unique feature of this action figure is the three removable plates that let you explore the Creature’s inner workings. It adds a whole new level of excitement to your collection and gives you a glimpse into the fascinating world of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

While the price might be slightly on the higher side, the quality and uniqueness of this figure certainly justify it. However, it is worth noting that the packaging might sometimes be damaged upon arrival. Nonetheless, this should not deter you from adding this magnificent figure to your horror collection.

In conclusion, the Super7 Universal Monsters Creature from The Black Lagoon is a must-have for any horror fan or action figure collector. Its unique design, detailed features, and articulation make it an instant classic. Don’t miss your chance to own this impressive action figure, and add it to your collection today!

DLUCCA 24 Piece Movie Character Horror Action Figures Set

24 Piece Movie Character Horror Action Figures Set

Unleash your inner horror fan with this fantastic and detailed 24-piece collection of movie character horror vinyl figures!


  • Incredible attention to detail with detachable and well-made parts
  • Perfect size for display and play, standing at 1.77 inches tall
  • Encourages creativity and imagination through varied horror character selection


  • Recommended for ages 15 and up, which might limit younger audience
  • Some assembly required, which can be challenging for some
  • Availability might be limited due to its popularity

You’ll be thrilled as you unbox these amazing horror vinyl figures, each one designed to capture the essence of your favorite iconic movie characters. The variety of figures in the set makes it easy and exciting to find your all-time favorite horror stars, including both legendary and modern icons.

As soon as you start assembling these figures, you’ll notice the impressive craftsmanship that went into each piece. The colors are vivid, and the hands and feet are flexible, allowing for dynamic poses and expressive scenes. Experience the rush of creating custom displays showcasing these horror legends, whether they’re resting on your desk or taking center stage in your room.

Beyond their stunning appearance, these action figures can also help you develop hand-eye coordination skills, as well as spark your creativity and imagination when playing or decorating. Gifting this set to a fellow horror fan as a holiday or birthday present is certain to make them scream with delight.

Don’t miss the chance to add these incredible 24 piece movie character horror action figures to your collection or surprise a friend with a gift they’ll cherish. Make your horror-filled dreams a terrifying reality with this superb set by DLUCCA!


Hiya Toys Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Action Figure

Leatherface Exquisite Super Series Figure

Get ready to unleash the horror with this detailed and realistic Leatherface action figure from Hiya Toys!


  • Highly poseable with 19 points of articulation
  • Real fabric clothing for added realism
  • Comes with multiple movie-inspired accessories


  • Not suitable for children under 15
  • May be too disturbing for some collectors
  • Limited availability as a PREVIEWS Exclusive

Just imagine the spine-chilling scene as you unbox your brand new Hiya Toys Leatherface action figure! With its 19 points of articulation, posing and displaying this monstrous character has never been more fun and captivating. As you feel the fabric clothing, you’ll appreciate the added layer of realism that makes this figure truly stand out from the rest.

As you unwrap the included weapons, you’ll be able to recreate some of the most iconic and terrifying moments from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Equipped with a chainsaw, cleaver, and hammer, this figure provides endless opportunities for horror enthusiasts to stage thrilling scenes with their collection. The blood splatter effects, interchangeable hands, and an unforgettable final scene accessory will have you shivering with excitement as you create your own unique stories or scenes.

But beware! This Leatherface action figure isn’t for the faint of heart. Due to its disturbingly accurate design, this figure might not be the best choice for younger collectors or those who are easily frightened. Additionally, as a PREVIEWS exclusive, it may be limited in availability, making it more sought-after and harder to acquire.

If you’re a horror fan who loves having an exquisite, lifelike action figure to showcase their passion for the genre, then the Hiya Toys Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface figure is a must-have addition to your collection. Just get ready to face the gruesome terror that awaits!

NECA The Shining – Toony Terrors The Grady Twins 6″ Scale Action Figure

NECA The Shining - Toony Terrors The Grady Twins

This adorably creepy Grady Twins action figure set is perfect for horror aficionados and collectors alike.


  • Incredibly detailed figures
  • Perfect 6″ scale for Toony Terrors collection
  • Bonus cutout backdrop included
  • The inclusion of a window display box would significantly enhance the visual appeal and display value of the figures.


  • Packaging can be damaged during shipping
  • Figures might require glue for stability
  • Minor factory defects on some figures

The moment you unbox these NECA The Shining – Toony Terrors The Grady Twins figures, you’ll be impressed by their intricate details and craftsmanship. The Grady Twins fit perfectly with the rest of the Toony Terrors collection, and the spooky cutout backdrop adds a unique touch to their display.

One issue you may face is the packaging getting damaged during shipping. However, this does not take away from the overall quality and appeal of the figures. Your figures might require some glue for better stability on their display base, but once properly set up, they’ll make a fantastic addition to your horror action figure collection.

A minor downside is that some figures might come with slight manufacturing defects, such as uneven paint or minor hand molding imperfections. But don’t let this stop your excitement for adding these iconic characters to your assortment.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of The Shining or horror collectibles in general, these NECA The Shining – Toony Terrors The Grady Twins figures are a great addition to your collection. Just be prepared for potential packaging damage and minor assembly work to ensure your twins stand tall on their display base.


PIGGY Action Figure – Dinopiggy

Dinopiggy Action Figure

Dive into the thrilling world of PIGGY with this Dinopiggy action figure, perfect for horror collectors and fans alike!


  • Articulated, buildable, and poseable design
  • Comes with in-game virtual items
  • Officially licensed PIGGY merchandise


  • Not suitable for very young children
  • Possible box damage during shipping
  • Some users report fragile parts

You’ve just gotten your hands on the PIGGY Action Figure – Dinopiggy, and you can’t wait to build and pose this 3.5-inch tall horror character. With articulated parts that bend and move, you’re able to swap its interchangeable parts with your other PIGGY Action Figures to create unique combinations. You’ll appreciate how the detailed design brings the hit multiplayer survival horror game by MiniToon to life.

As you admire your new Dinopiggy action figure, you’ll be even more excited to find that it comes with a DLC Code. This gives you access to exclusive in-game items such as Badges, Piggy Tokens, and Skins, making your horror collection even more special. The PIGGY merchandise, including action figures like this one, plush dolls, and other collectibles, is perfect for birthday surprise gifts or simply expanding your own collection.

While you’re thrilled about your purchase, you should be aware of a few drawbacks. The product may not be suitable for very young children due to small parts and its fragile nature. Additionally, some users have reported receiving the boxes with possible damage and taped up from shipping. However, overall, the PIGGY Action Figure – Dinopiggy is an excellent addition to your horror collection and offers significant value for both game enthusiasts and collectors.


Toysvill FNAF Action Figures (Set of 11pcs)

Toysvill FNAF Action Figures

You should consider this 11-piece set of FNAF action figures for a fantastic and affordable collection of your favorite horror characters.


  • Detailed and hand-painted design
  • Made from safe and quality materials
  • Built-in batteries for light-up chest feature


  • Assembly can be challenging
  • Joints may not be durable
  • Indicator light has limited battery life

The Toysvill FNAF Action Figures set inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s includes 11 well-crafted PVC pieces that showcase strong facial expressions, giving each character a unique personality. You’ll appreciate their intricate hand-painted design, making them perfect not just for play but also for display purposes. They are made from safe and quality materials, so you don’t need to worry about their durability as you enjoy playing with them.

One of the exciting features of these action figures is the built-in batteries that power the chest indicators. With just a press of a button at the back of each figurine, their chests light up, making them even more engaging and enjoyable to play with. However, keep in mind that the battery life for these lights is finite, so eventually, they will stop lighting up.

Assembly of these figures can be somewhat challenging, and some may find the joints are not as durable as they’d like. Despite these minor drawbacks, this Toysvill FNAF Action Figures set makes an excellent gift for any horror action figure enthusiast, whether it’s for their birthday, Children’s Day, Christmas, or any other occasion. Have fun collecting, playing, or displaying these figures, and enjoy hours of creative play with your favorite horror characters!

Qiandier Zombie Action Figures

Qiandier Zombie Action Figures

Unleash your inner horror enthusiast with these realistic and gory Qiandier Zombie Action Figures, perfect for collectors and zombie lovers!


  • Highly detailed and realistic painting
  • Detachable and interchangeable body parts
  • Suitable for various decorative purposes


  • Might not stand on their own
  • Limbs and heads may fall off easily
  • Not suitable for young children

Are you a fan of horror and all things gory? These Qiandier Zombie Action Figures will have your spine tingling with their impressive attention to detail. Each figure is hand-painted, featuring realistic scars, wounds, and blood splatters.

Not only do these zombies have detachable limbs and heads, but you can also interchange them between different bodies! This opens up tons of possibilities for you to create your horror-filled scenarios, release your creativity, or simply use them as eye-catching decorations.

However, keep an eye on those pesky zombies, because their limbs and heads may fall off a little too easily. Additionally, due to their small base, they may struggle to stand on their own. This might require some extra attention on your part to keep them balanced and in place.

While these zombie figures are suited for older children and adults, they are not recommended for children under three years old, as their small and detachable parts pose a choking hazard.

So why wait? Dive into the world of horror and get your hands on these Qiandier Zombie Action Figures today!

Worlds Smallest Universal Horror Micro Figures

Worlds Smallest Universal Horror Micro Figures

These incredibly tiny and detailed horror action figures are perfect for collectors, but their random selection style may be a downside for some.


  • Extremely detailed and articulated figures
  • Includes mini collector case and figure stand
  • Iconic characters from Universal Studios Horror movies


  • Styles are selected at random, no guarantee of preferred character
  • Pricey for the size
  • May not be suitable for young children due to small parts

You will genuinely be amazed by the amount of detail packed into these tiny horror action figures by Worlds Smallest. Each of the figures measure up to 1.25 inches tall and feature iconic characters from Universal Studios horror movies including Hellboy, Chucky, and Mike Meyers from Halloween. They are perfect for collectors who love a touch of horror in their action figure collection.

The micro figures come with a mini collector case for display and storage, along with a figure stand. This allows you to proudly showcase your collection and protect them from dust, damage, and inquisitive pets. These figures are versatile and can be utilized as unique Easter basket or stocking stuffers, party favors, or simply as a fascinating addition to your horror collection.

One aspect you should definitely consider is that the figures’ styles are selected at random. Although this adds a sense of surprise and excitement, it can be disappointing if you don’t receive your preferred character. Additionally, the price may seem a bit high for such small figures. Lastly, they may not be suitable for young kids due to small parts and potential choking hazards.

In conclusion, the Worlds Smallest Universal Horror Micro Figures are a delightful addition to any horror action figure collection. The level of detail, iconic characters, and display options make them truly stand out. Just keep in mind the random selection and potential disappointment in not getting your favorite character. Happy collecting!

NECA Universal Monsters Mummy 7IN Ultimate AF Black & White VER

NECA Universal Monsters Mummy

This NECA’s Universal Monsters Mummy action figure is a must-have for horror fans celebrating the 90th anniversary of the classic silver-screen monster.


  • Highly detailed, intricate sculpt
  • Iconic black and white design
  • Suitable for collectors 14 years and up


  • Some may find the packaging insufficient
  • Requires batteries (1 Lithium Ion)
  • Limited poseability compared to some other figures

This NECA’s Universal Monsters Mummy action figure is perfect for fans of the legendary Boris Karloff and the classic horror film. The stunning sculpt captures the detail of Karloff’s makeup, which was groundbreaking for its time and took hours to apply. The black and white design adds a sense of authentic nostalgia that will make this figure a prized addition to your horror collection.

Although the figure is expertly crafted and beautifully designed, some customers have reported that the packaging could be better, with some boxes arriving slightly dented. However, this issue does not detract from the quality of the figure itself. The Mummy figure requires 1 Lithium Ion battery, so remember to purchase it separately if you want to take full advantage of its features.

Overall, this NECA’s Universal Monsters Mummy 7IN Ultimate AF Black & White figure is a fantastic piece for any horror fan looking to celebrate the 90th anniversary of this spine-chilling silver-screen classic. With its intricate sculpt and nostalgic design, it’s sure to be a treasured addition to your collection.

Buying Guide

I can sense your excitement about starting or expanding your horror action figure collection! To help you choose the best products, here are some features you must consider when diving into this thrilling world of collectibles:

  • Limited Edition and Rarity: Always keep an eye out for limited edition releases and rare figures. These can become the crown jewels of your collection. Consider the premium nature of deluxe figures, which are often exclusive and offer superior quality.
  • Likeness and Detail: The best horror action figures capture the essence of the character with incredible detail. From the sinister smirk of Pennywise to the gruesome scars of Freddy Krueger, the accuracy of these figures can be astonishing.
  • Collect figures from iconic horror movies with a dedicated fan base, known as cult classics, to ensure your collection includes celebrated and beloved characters.
  • Look for clothed action figure options, which feature detailed fabric attire, adding an extra layer of realism and quality to figures based on popular horror film characters.

Material Quality

The materials used are crucial to the durability and overall appearance of your horror action figures. You should look for pieces made of high-quality plastics or even better, premium materials like vinyl or resin to ensure they last long and retain their intricate details.


If you find enjoyment in putting your action figures into various poses or creating dioramas, you’ll want to prioritize action figures with multiple points of articulation (POA). More POA means greater flexibility and range of poses for your beloved collectibles!

Limited Edition and Rarity

For the ultimate horror collectible experience, keep an eye out for limited edition and rare pieces. These usually come with unique packaging and certificates of authenticity, which can make them more valuable and special compared to regular releases. Just remember that rarity often comes with a higher price tag.

Likeness and Detail

There’s nothing more thrilling than having a horror action figure that truly captures the essence of the original character. So always check for likeness and detail in features such as facial expressions, clothing, and accessories.

To make it easier for you, I’ve organized some of the key aspects to consider into a table below:

Feature Importance Details
Material Durability and appearance Look for high-quality plastics, vinyl, or resin
Articulation Poseability Seek multiple points of articulation (POA)
Rarity Limited edition and value Get rare and limited edition pieces with unique packaging and certificates of authenticity
Likeness Accuracy in resembling the original Pay attention to facial expressions, clothing, and accessories

Finally, trust your gut and go for the pieces that resonate with you the most. Remember, it’s your collection and it should bring you joy. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best horror action figures to start a collection?

If you’re just starting your horror action figure collection, you can’t go wrong with some of the most iconic characters! Look for figures of Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, and Michael Myers from Halloween. These characters have a solid fan base and wide range of available figures, making them perfect for beginners!

Where can I find rare horror collectibles?

Rare horror action figures can be a bit tricky to find, but with a little patience and determination, you can score some amazing pieces. Check out online auction sites like eBay, specialty stores, and even local comic shops. Don’t forget to join horror-themed forums and social media groups to connect with fellow collectors who might have insider tips on where to find those elusive items.

Are there any affordable horror action figures?

Absolutely! Horror action figures come in various price ranges to cater to all budgets. Brands like Funko POP!, Loyal Subjects, and NECA have affordable options that make it easy to start your collection without breaking the bank. Moreover, retail giants like Walmart, Target, and Amazon carry budget-friendly figures for popular horror characters.

Which brands produce high-quality horror action figures?

When it comes to high-quality horror action figures, some of the top brands include NECA, Sideshow Collectibles, and Mezco Toyz. These brands offer detailed sculpts and exceptional paint applications, making them a hit among collectors. Keep in mind that these figures might be pricier, but the quality and detail make them worth the investment.

What stores offer a wide range of horror action figures near me?

Your nearest comic book shop or specialty toy store can be an excellent place to find a wide range of horror action figures. In addition, large retailers like Walmart, Target, and Toys”R”Us often carry popular horror-themed items. Don’t miss out on seasonal, Halloween-focused stores, as they tend to stock unique and spooky collectibles.

How do I maintain and preserve my horror action figure collection?

Taking care of your horror action figures is crucial for preserving their value and appearance. Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep your figures away from direct sunlight, as it can cause paint to fade and plastic to become brittle over time.
  2. Avoid extreme temperatures and humidity, as they can damage the materials used in the figures.
  3. Dust your figures regularly using a soft brush or microfiber cloth to prevent buildup.
  4. If you choose to keep your figures in their original packaging, store the boxes in a cool, dark place to preserve their condition.
  5. For loose figures, consider using display cases or shelves to showcase and protect your collection.