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Star Wars Action Figure Ships: Must-Have Collectibles

Jun 20, 2024
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Star Wars has been an iconic franchise for decades, capturing the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide. One of the most exciting and enduring aspects of Star Wars fandom is the collection of action figures and vehicles that allow fans to recreate their favorite scenes and battles.

The extensive range of Star Wars products, including figures, ships, vehicles, playsets, and novelty items, adds to the excitement for collectors. Among these collectibles, Star Wars Action Figure Ships stand out as an essential addition to any true fan’s collection.

The enduring appeal of the Star Wars saga has significantly impacted the popularity of these action figure ships.

These ships, ranging from the iconic Millennium Falcon to the sleek TIE Fighters, are not only visually impressive, but they also often feature intricate designs and unique playability features, enhancing the overall experience.

Star Wars Action Figure Ships are available in various sizes, levels of detail, and materials, making them an ideal choice for collectors and enthusiasts looking to indulge their passion for the galaxy far, far away.

When selecting a Star Wars Action Figure Ship for your collection, it’s essential to consider crucial factors like the ship’s size, the detail, and craftsmanship, as well as its compatibility with other action figures you may already own. Also, consider the ship’s playability, display options, and any additional features that might make it more enjoyable or interactive.

After exploring the galaxy of Star Wars Action Figure Ships available, we’ve compiled a list of the best options that cater to a wide range of interests, budgets, and collector preferences. Strap in as we take you through our selection process and top picks for a collection that’s out of this world!

Best Star Wars Action Figure Ships

Are you a Star Wars enthusiast? Gear up for the most exciting journey through the galaxy as we present to you our top picks of the best Star Wars action figure ships. Get ready to build your collection and embrace the force within you!

Star Wars Mission Fleet Mando’s N-1 Starfighter, Grogu & Mandalorian Action Figure Set

Star Wars Mission Fleet Mando's N-1 Starfighter

This set is a must-have for young Star Wars fans who want to reenact Mandalorian adventures with their favorite characters. It allows fans to re-create scenes from the Mandalorian adventures.


  • High-quality, poseable Mandalorian action figure
  • Comes with fan-favorite Grogu and Darksaber accessory
  • The N-1 Starfighter ship has an opening cockpit and hatch for the figures


  • Might not be suitable for children under 4 due to small parts
  • No other action figures from the series are included
  • Parts may be difficult for younger children to attach and remove

Are you ready to embark on action-packed adventures with Mandalorian and Grogu? Get this Star Wars Mission Fleet set that brings these fan-favorite characters to life!

The Mandalorian action figure is well-crafted and stands at 2.5 inches, with series-inspired design details and multiple points of articulation for a myriad of posing options.

This set stands out because not only does it have a Mandalorian figure, but also Grogu and the coveted Darksaber accessory. You can reenact epic scenes from the show or use your imagination to create thrilling new adventures.

Moreover, the N-1 Starfighter included in this set has an opening cockpit for our hero, as well as a dedicated hatch that comfortably seats Grogu.

When it comes to quality and value, Hasbro never disappoints.

This Mandalorian & Grogu N-1 Starfighter set is no exception and would make a fantastic gift for kids and Star Wars fans alike. Keep in mind, however, that due to the presence of small parts, it is recommended for ages 4 and up. Nurture your child’s love for Star Wars and let their imaginations soar as they join Mando and Grogu on thrilling quests across the galaxy!

STAR WARS Mission Fleet Darth Vader TIE Advanced

STAR WARS Mission Fleet Darth Vader TIE Advanced

Experience the thrill of battling the Rebel Alliance with this STAR WARS Mission Fleet Darth Vader TIE Advanced action figure and vehicle set perfect for kids ages 4 and up.


  • Iconic Darth Vader and TIE Advanced design
  • Engaging and repositionable projectile launcher
  • Collectible 2.5-inch-scale Darth Vader figure with detailed features


  • Not suitable for children under 4 years
  • Side pieces may come off during rough play
  • Quality might not meet higher expectations

Embrace the dark side of the Force with this exciting STAR WARS Mission Fleet Darth Vader TIE Advanced. Putting yourself in the pilot seat of the iconic experimental TIE fighter, you will feel like you’re defending the first Death Star against the Rebel starfighters.

The detailed replicas of the design and features inspired by Star Wars: A New Hope make this action figure and vehicle a must-have addition to your collection.

As you engage the enemy, the repositionable projectile launcher ensures that playtime never gets dull. Attach it to multiple points on the vehicle, or mount it on the included tripod accessory for even more excitement. Your imagination will soar as you pretend to blast away at the Rebel Alliance.

Collectibility is another great feature of this action figure and vehicle set. The 2.5-inch-scale Darth Vader figure, equipped with multiple points of articulation, is perfect for collectors and children alike. Additionally, seek out other Star Wars Mission Fleet figures and vehicles to swap with friends or give as gifts.

In conclusion, STAR WARS Mission Fleet Darth Vader TIE Advanced action figure and vehicle set is a fantastic addition to your Star Wars collection or a fun, engaging toy for kids ages 4 and up. Just remember to handle the side pieces with care to prevent them from coming off during intense play sessions. May the Force be with you!

Hasbro STAR WARS Mission Fleet Starship Skirmish

STAR WARS Mission Fleet Starship Skirmish

Get ready for the ultimate galactic experience with this Boba Fett action figure and starship playset that brings the thrills of The Book of Boba Fett to life.


  • Highly detailed and poseable 2.5-inch Boba Fett figure
  • Starship features rotating cockpit, fuselage opening, and projectile ports
  • Great gift for kids and Star Wars fans


  • Bulky design may not be suitable for small spaces
  • Not suitable for children under 4 years old
  • May require adult assistance for assembly

Unleash the excitement of the galaxy far, far away with this Hasbro STAR WARS Mission Fleet Starship Skirmish playset that features the legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

The 2.5-inch action figure comes to life with fully poseable limbs and head, capturing the iconic details of Boba Fett’s Mandalorian armor and arsenal.

Imagine yourself piloting Boba Fett’s starship into battle with its unique, gravity-defying rotating cockpit, fuselage opening, and projectile ports that attach blasters – completing your missions and capturing fugitives successfully.

The starship also makes lots of different sounds, enhancing the play experience.

This playset provides endless hours of imaginative play, transporting you to the unforgettable adventures showcased in the Disney+ live-action series, The Book of Boba Fett.

The variety of accessories, such as repositionable blasters, projectiles, a handheld blaster, and an attachable jetpack, elevates this Star Wars playset beyond typical action figure and vehicle sets.

Manufactured by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd., your passion for Star Wars and collecting unique memorabilia can be shared with kids aged 4 and up.

In conclusion, the Hasbro STAR WARS Mission Fleet Starship Skirmish is an exceptional addition to your collection or a thoughtful gift for the young Star Wars enthusiast in your life.

Its authentic design, detailed action figure, and engaging accessories make it perfect for hours of immersive play. Don’t miss the chance to own this fantastic blend of iconic character and vehicle, as it truly captures the essence of the Star Wars universe.


Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing

Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Starfighter Class Luke Skywalker's X-Wing

The perfect addition to any Star Wars collection with its blend of intricate details and striking design elements.


  • Iconic, eye-catching design
  • Authentic scaling and intricate details
  • Includes micro Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 figures


  • Small 1-inch figures may get lost easily
  • Not suitable for younger children
  • May not withstand rough play

This 5-inch Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing vehicle from the Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron collection is an exceptional piece that any Star Wars fan would be proud to own.

The attention to detail on this vehicle is truly impressive, with features such as opening S-foils, a working droid socket, and authentic scaling that make it feel as though you’ve just pulled the vehicle straight out of the Star Wars universe.

Another iconic vehicle from the Star Wars universe is the speeder bike, known for its high-speed chases and sleek design.

Besides its stunning aesthetics, the X-Wing comes with two 1-inch figures, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2, allowing you to recreate some of the most iconic scenes from the movies.

However, due to their small size, these figures may be prone to getting lost, and it’s advisable to store them safely when not in use.

While the STAR WARS Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing is perfect for display and gentle play, it may not be suitable for younger children or withstand rough handling.

Nonetheless, this vehicle remains an excellent addition to any Star Wars collection. Don’t forget to check out the other Starfighter Class vehicles to expand your galaxy of collectibles.


STAR WARS Hasbro Mission Fleet Razor Crest

Razor Crest

The Hasbro Mandalorian Razor Crest is a great addition to any Star Wars collection, providing exciting play options and detailed design.


  • Series-inspired design with removable parts
  • Suits kids ages 4 and up
  • Entertainment-inspired features for imaginative play


  • Small parts may get lost easily
  • Limited articulation in 2.5-inch Mandalorian figure
  • May require adult assistance during assembly

The Hasbro Mandalorian Razor Crest is an impressive toy that captures the essence of the iconic ship from the popular Disney+ series. With its detachable jetpack and six blaster accessories, your child can create countless adventures in the Outer Rim.

The attention to detail is evident, including a removable top cover that reveals a spacious interior, weapons locker, and a double-seated cockpit. Additionally, the radar dish is one of the removable parts, adding to the ship’s authenticity and playability.

However, some of the smaller accessories may get misplaced, especially if your child is prone to leaving things lying around. The 2.5-inch Mandalorian action figure has limited articulation compared to larger figures, which could make posing for play slightly restrictive.

Like most playsets, the Razor Crest may require adult assistance during assembly to ensure a secure and safe play experience. Once assembled, the play possibilities are endless with three opening doors, two projectile launchers, laser cannons and a repositionable double-projectile launcher.

All in all, the Hasbro Mandalorian Razor Crest offers an engaging play experience for Star Wars fans, but be prepared to help during assembly and keep an eye on the smaller parts.

Hot Wheels Star Wars Starships Select Millennium Falcon

Hot Wheels Star Wars Starships Select Millennium Falcon

The Hot Wheels Star Wars Starships Select Millennium Falcon is a must-have for collectors who appreciate exceptional detail and quality.


  • Highly detailed and accurate design
  • Movable parts for added authenticity
  • Includes display stand with ship’s name and affiliation logo


  • Might be smaller than expected
  • Not suitable for young children
  • Some users may find it pricey

As a Star Wars enthusiast, the Hot Wheels Star Wars Starships Select Millennium Falcon caught my attention immediately. Its striking design based on the iconic starship is impressive in both detail and quality. The movable parts add an extra layer of authenticity, making the Millennium Falcon feel more like a real model than just a mere toy.

The Millennium Falcon comes with a display stand, featuring a ball-and-socket mount for the ship along with its name and affiliation logo. It makes for an attractive addition to any collection at home. The display stand adds to the collectible nature of the product and showcases the intricate design for everyone to admire.

However, some collectors may be disappointed by the size of the Millennium Falcon, as it can be smaller than expected. Furthermore, it might not be suitable for young children due to its delicate parts. Lastly, some users may find the price slightly steep compared to other collectible action figures in the market. That being said, the Hot Wheels Star Wars Starships Select Millennium Falcon remains a prized addition to any Star Wars or Hot Wheels collection, thanks to its immaculate design and attention to detail.



Hasbro STAR WARS The Black Series Mandalorian Action Figure

STAR WARS The Black Series Credit Collection The Mandalorian Toy

Bring the galaxy to life with this highly-detailed Mandalorian action figure, perfect for kids and collectors alike!


  • Impressive design inspired by The Mandalorian series
  • Premium quality and articulated for dynamic posing
  • Comes with two character-inspired accessories, a rifle and a blaster


  • Molded plastic cape can hinder rifle holstering
  • Jetpack may not attach well without turning
  • No removable helmet feature

This Hasbro STAR WARS The Black Series Mandalorian action figure captures the essence of the battle-worn and tight-lipped bounty hunter. It’s perfect for spicing up your collection or for gifting to your Star Wars-loving friends. With impressive detailing and an aesthetic inspired by the end credit images from The Mandalorian series, this action figure will surely become one of the highlights of your collectibles.

The 6-inch-scale Mandalorian figure boasts premium deco applications, giving it a high-quality and realistic look. Its articulation allows for poseable head, arms, and legs, providing endless possibilities for dynamic display or play. It also comes with two detachable entertainment-inspired blaster accessories, accurately reflecting the character’s iconic arsenal.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this figure. The molded plastic cape may hinder the ability to holster the rifle seamlessly, and attaching the jetpack can be a bit tricky without turning. Additionally, unlike some other Mandalorian figures, this one does not feature a removable helmet.

Overall, this Hasbro STAR WARS The Black Series Mandalorian action figure is an excellent addition to any Star Wars collection. Its intricate design, premium quality, and stunning articulation outweigh its minor flaws. If you’re looking for a meaningful gift or an exciting new piece for your collection, this Mandalorian figure is definitely worth considering.

STAR WARS The Vintage Collection Yoda (Dagobah) Toy

STAR WARS The Vintage Collection Yoda

You will absolutely love this Yoda action figure if you’re a collector or a fan of the Star Wars universe. Another notable figure from the original Star Wars action figures is Princess Leia, known for her market value, accessories, and scarcity factor.


  • Highly detailed and true to the movie design
  • Vintage-inspired packaging with Kenner branding
  • Comes with two character-inspired accessories


  • Smaller in scale than some other action figures
  • Fragile arm joints can easily break
  • May not be suitable for young children

I recently added this Yoda action figure to my collection, and let me tell you, it’s a fantastic little piece of Star Wars history!

The attention to detail on this figure is remarkable, making it feel like Yoda himself has joined your crew of action figure ships.

Even though it’s on a smaller scale compared to some other action figures, the figure still packs a punch with its impressive design.

However, you should be careful when handling this figure due to its fragile arm joints – they can break if not treated gently.

One of the notable features of this figure is the vintage-inspired packaging with Kenner branding, which adds to the nostalgia factor. It also comes with two character-inspired accessories, just like Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back!

In conclusion, this STAR WARS The Vintage Collection Yoda (Dagobah) Toy is a must-have for any true Star Wars fan or collector.

The detailed design, vintage-inspired packaging, and character-inspired accessories all make it a great addition to your action figure ship collection. However, you should handle it with care to avoid damage. Overall, this Yoda figure will be a wonderful addition to your Star Wars collection!

STAR WARS The Vintage Collection Fennec Shand Toy

Fennec Shand Toy

You’ll love adding this Fennec Shand action figure to your Star Wars collection, with its incredible detail and poseability.


  • Accurate character design
  • Vintage-inspired packaging
  • Premium articulation


  • Slightly high price
  • Soft plastic weapons
  • Potential paint application issues

This Fennec Shand action figure is an impressive addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection. Inspired by the character from the series “The Book of Boba Fett,” the figure embodies the cunning and skilled assassin with its highly detailed design and articulation. The level of detail in the figure’s sculpt and accessories is truly remarkable, making it a great gift for collectors or fans of any age.

Not only is this figure a fantastic representation of Fennec Shand, but the packaging itself will transport you to the glory days of Kenner and Star Wars line of toys. The vintage-inspired packaging evokes nostalgia and collects STAR WARS series favorites alongside one another. While the figure itself has a premium design and high level of articulation, the packaging helps create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing collection for any enthusiast.

Although the figure is of high quality, there are a few minor drawbacks to consider. The price point may be slightly high for some fans, and the soft plastic weapons can be frustrating for collectors who desire more sturdy accessories. Additionally, some consumers have noted inconsistencies with paint application, which might impact the overall visual appeal of the figure.

In conclusion, this Fennec Shand action figure from the STAR WARS Vintage Collection is a must-have for fans of the series and collectors alike. With its intricate details, superb articulation, and nostalgic packaging, you’ll be thrilled to add this captivating character to your collection. Just be prepared for the potential downsides of soft plastic weapons and minor paint application issues, and enjoy the craftsmanship of this remarkable figure.

Hasbro STAR WARS The Black Series Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios 6-Inch Collectible

STAR WARS The Black Series Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios

You absolutely should get this detailed and highly articulated action figure for both playing and displaying.


  • Stunning details and premium deco
  • Inspired by Star Wars Rebels animated series
  • Accessories and highly poseable limbs


  • Slightly tricky to make it stand properly
  • High price point
  • Eyes could have been better by Hasbro

You’ll love this Hasbro STAR WARS The Black Series Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios 6-Inch Collectible action figure. The attention to detail is impeccable, making it look like the character from the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Multiple points of articulation ensure maximum poseability and playability, while its premium deco adds to its authenticity.

The figure comes with character-inspired accessories that any Star Wars fan would appreciate. Your collection will be vibrant and diverse, thanks to its striking rendition of Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios. However, you might face some minor challenges while making the figure stand properly, but it’s just a matter of finding the right balance.

Though it’s priced slightly high, the quality, details, and overall performance make it worth the investment. If you’re a die-hard fan or know someone who is, this action figure can make for a perfect gift. So, bring home the excitement and fun by adding this STAR WARS The Black Series Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios 6-Inch Collectible figure to your collection today!

STAR WARS The Black Series Jyn Erso 6-Inch-Scale Rogue One

STAR WARS The Black Series Jyn Erso 6-Inch-Scale Rogue One

You’ll love this Jyn Erso action figure for its impressive design, articulation, and resemblance to the character from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


  • Highly detailed and authentic character design
  • Fully articulated for a range of poses
  • Comes with detachable, movie-inspired accessories


  • Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, may not be suitable for younger children
  • Slightly expensive for a collectible action figure
  • Color of the neck’s flesh might be slightly off

This STAR WARS The Black Series Jyn Erso action figure is a must-have for any Star Wars fan or collector. Its design is inspired by the character’s appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, featuring an impressive level of detail and articulation, so you can recreate your favorite movie scenes or invent your own adventures.

Jyn Erso’s 6-inch scale allows her to fit seamlessly into your Star Wars collection. Not only does she sport a highly detailed form, but she’s also fully articulated, boasting head, arms, and legs movement, making it easy to pose her in various action-packed scenarios.

The figure comes with two detachable, entertainment-inspired accessories – a scarf and a blaster, adding more possibilities for storytelling and display. The character’s poseability, added accessories, and premium design make her an outstanding piece to have in your collection.

In summary, if you’re a Star Wars fan or collector, this Jyn Erso action figure is an excellent addition to your collection. The figure’s authentic design, articulation, and included accessories make it worth the investment to experience the Rogue One story come to life.

Buying Guide

Are you a Star Wars fan and always excited to add new action figure ships to your collection? Look no further! In this buying guide, we will discuss the key features to consider when choosing the perfect Star Wars Action Figure Ship to enhance your passion.

Features to look for

  • Size and Scale: This is a significant factor when choosing a Star Wars Ship! Action figures come in various sizes, typically ranging from 3.75 inches to 18 inches. Be sure to select the right size ship that fits your collection and desired display area.
  • Design and Detail: You want a ship that reflects its vivid portrayal in Star Wars movies and TV shows. Pay attention to features, such as paint application, sculpting, and other small details that bring the ship to life.
  • Articulation and Mobility: Aim for a ship with good articulation and mobility to help you recreate your favorite Star Wars scenes or have fun displaying them in different action poses.
  • Material Quality: The longevity and durability of your ship depend on the material it’s made from. Plastics like ABS and PVC are popular choices due to their good balance of durability, detail, and affordability.
  • Compatibility: If you plan to pair your ship with existing action figures, make sure they are compatible in terms of scale and display options.

When browsing through Star Wars Action Figure Ships, keep in mind your budget and personal preferences. Determine what qualities are most important to you and rank different ships accordingly. Above all, have fun and may the Force be with you as you build your fantastic collection!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular Star Wars ship toys?

The most popular Star Wars ship toys sold include the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighter, and TIE Fighter. These iconic vehicles are fan favorites due to their roles in the movies and recognizable designs.

Which brands produce the best quality Star Wars ship action figures?

Hasbro and LEGO are the primary manufacturers of Star Wars ship action figures with a reputation for quality and detail. Hasbro focuses on producing highly detailed, collectible action figure ships and vehicles, while LEGO offers construction sets that allow fans to build their favorite of Star Wars figures and ships.

Which Star Wars collectible ships are the rarest?

Some of the rarest Star Wars collectible ships come from limited edition releases, exclusive models, or discontinued items such as the 1978 Kenner Imperial Cruiser, the 1985 Droids A-Wing Fighter, and the never released 1996 Shadows of the Empire Virago. These collectibles are highly sought after by die-hard fans and can fetch a high price in the secondary market.

Can you provide a list of vintage Star Wars vehicles?

Certainly! Here’s a list of some vintage Star Wars vehicles:

  • Millennium Falcon (Kenner, 1979)
  • X-Wing Fighter (Kenner, 1978)
  • TIE Fighter (Kenner, 1978)
  • Slave I (Kenner, 1981)
  • AT-AT (Kenner, 1981)
  • TIE Interceptor (Kenner, 1984)
  • Y-Wing Fighter (Kenner, 1983)
  • Snowspeeder (Kenner, 1980)

Keep in mind, this is just a small sample of the vintage Star Wars vehicles produced over the years.

Where can I find Star Wars ships for sale?

Star Wars ships are available from various retailers, both online and in stores. Popular websites to find Star Wars collectibles include eBay, Amazon, and specialty stores like BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth. Additionally, you could try visiting local comic book or collectible stores to find unique items.

What factors determine the value of a Star Wars ship action figure?

Several factors determine the value of a Star Wars ship action figure, including the rarity or exclusivity of the item, the item’s condition, packaging, and production year. Limited edition releases, discontinued line items, and vintage pieces can command higher values, whereas more common or recently produced items may be more affordable.