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The Joker Action Figure: Top Picks Collectors!

Apr 13, 2024
The Joker Action Figure
Action figures have been a staple in the world of collectible toys for decades. These intricately designed and detailed figurines bring our favorite characters to life, allowing us to relive memorable moments from movies, comics, and television shows. One character that has gained a significant following and fanbase is the Joker, Batman’s infamous archenemy. A Joker action figure is not just a toy – it’s a piece of art that reflects the persona of this complex and enigmatic character.

The Joker has undergone numerous transformations throughout the years, with each portrayal showcasing distinct nuances in his personality. This diversity has led to a wide array of Joker action figures available on the market, each presenting a different take on the character. From the classic comic book iteration and Jack Nicholson’s portrayal in the 1989 Batman film to Heath Ledger’s iconic interpretation in The Dark Knight and Joaquin Phoenix’s recent rendition in the standalone Joker movie, there is a Joker action figure to please every fan.

When purchasing a Joker action figure, it’s crucial to pay attention to the materials, possibility, and attention to detail. High-quality Joker action figures will typically be made of durable materials like PVC or ABS plastic and have multiple points of articulation, allowing for dynamic poses and lifelike displays. The sculpt and paint job of the action figure should be on point to capture the essence of the character accurately. We understand that choosing the right Joker action figure can be a daunting task, given the multitude of options in the market.

With that said, we have done the legwork for you by testing and examining the best Joker action figures out there. By considering the factors above, we have narrowed down our list to a handful of exceptional figures that embody the spirit of the Joker, ensuring your collection features the perfect representation of this enigmatic character.

Top Joker Action Figures

We’ve put together an amazing list of the best Joker action figures for you to choose from! Get ready to add some excitement to your toy collection.

DC Comics 12-inch The Joker Action Figure

DC Comics 12-inch The Joker Action Figure

We absolutely think you should buy this Joker action figure to add excitement and variety to your collection!


  • Highly detailed with authentic comic styling
  • Features 11 points of articulation for dynamic posing
  • Suitable for kids and collectors alike


  • Some figures may have minor assembly flaws
  • Not suitable for young children due to small parts
  • Packaging quality may vary

In our experience, the DC Comics 12-inch Joker action figure brought life to our collection. The detail on the figure is absolutely amazing, and we couldn’t help but admire the authentic comic styling that made it stand out from other action figures. The cloth cape added a level of quality that made it even more appealing for us.

We enjoyed the fact that it has 11 points of articulation, allowing us to pose the Joker in various dynamic stances. This feature was perfect for both creative playtime adventures and displaying the action figure on our shelves. It encouraged us to let our imaginations run wild as we created epic Super-Villain showdowns with Batman and other characters from the DC universe.

The Joker action figure was an incredible addition to our collection, and we highly recommend it for any Batman or DC fans. However, we did notice that some figures might have minor assembly flaws, and it’s not suitable for young kids due to small parts. Remember, packaging quality may vary, which wasn’t a problem for us, but something to consider if you’re purchasing it as a gift. Overall, DC Comics’ 12-inch The Joker action figure is a phenomenal toy that’s exciting for both kids and collectors to have!

DC Comics, Batman and Robin vs. The Joker and King Shark, 4-inch Action Figures

DC Comics Action Figures

These action figures are a fantastic choice for Batman fans of all ages, offering hours of imaginative play and epic battles.


  • Highly poseable and detailed comic styling
  • Includes Batman, Robin, The Joker, and King Shark
  • Suitable for children ages 3 and up


  • Legs might pop off during play
  • Not as articulated as other action figures
  • Not suitable for very young children

We are impressed by the authentic comic book styling and the iconic characters included in this action figure set. The Batman, Robin, The Joker, and King Shark figures allow us to recreate our favorite battles from the DC Comics universe, or create our own exciting storylines. With a variety of dynamic poses at our fingertips, the play possibilities are endless.

One thing we noticed, however, is that the legs on these action figures might occasionally pop off during play. Although this could be a minor inconvenience, the figures are still very durable and can stand up to endless battles and adventures. We also found that these action figures are not as articulated as some other options on the market, but they still offer enough flexibility to immerse ourselves in the world of Batman.

While the age recommendation for these action figures is three years and up, we believe they might be more suitable for slightly older children who are less likely to put small pieces in their mouths. Despite this, we think the DC Comics Batman and Robin vs. The Joker and King Shark action figures are an excellent addition to any Batman fan’s collection, providing countless hours of entertainment for both children and adults. So go on, let your imagination run wild and create your own epic Batman adventures!

McFarlane Toys Mortal Kombat The Joker 7″ Action Figure with Accessories

McFarlane Toys Mortal Kombat The Joker

We think you’ll love this Joker action figure for its impressive details and articulation, perfect for collectors and Mortal Kombat fans alike.


  • Exceptional 7″ scale detailing
  • Ultra articulation with 22 moving parts
  • Awesome Killer Smile Skin from Mortal Kombat 11


  • Might not suit younger kids due to small parts
  • Stiff joints may require some careful adjustment
  • Collector-oriented packaging; not ideal for play

We had a blast posing this Mortal Kombat 11 Joker action figure from McFarlane Toys. The intricate details of the Killer Smile Skin and the incredible articulation with 22 moving parts really make this figure stand out.

After unboxing, it took us a bit of time to loosen up the joints for smooth posing, but a little warm water helped. With accessories like a knife and cane included, we had tons of fun recreating scenes from the video game and adding a wild touch to our display shelves.

Although we found this Joker action figure to be outstanding in quality, we feel it should be noted that it seems more geared towards collectors than play. The packaging is designed for display, and the delicate parts may not withstand rough handling or be suitable for younger children.

Overall, the McFarlane Toys Mortal Kombat Joker action figure is a must-have addition for any serious collector, especially those who love both the Joker and Mortal Kombat franchises. Be prepared to take some time to work the joints and, once that’s done, enjoy posing and displaying this amazing figure.

McFarlane – The Joker Infected (Arkham City)

McFarlane - The Joker Infected (Arkham City)

We wholeheartedly recommend this highly detailed and articulated Joker figure for Batman enthusiasts and collectors alike.


  • Incredibly detailed 7″ metallic painted figure
  • Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts
  • Based on video game Batman: Arkham City


  • No gun accessory due to rule changes
  • Could use more paint to enhance details
  • Packaging may arrive slightly damaged

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this McFarlane Toys Joker figure, and when it finally arrived, we were blown away by the detailed sculpt and metallic paint. The Joker figure’s chaotic appearance vividly captures his persona from Batman: Arkham City, our favorite game of all time. The Ultra Articulation in this figure allows for a wide range of dynamic posing and play, making it an excellent addition to any Joker or Batman collection.

As we experimented with the various poses, we noticed that the figure is quite stable and well-crafted. This made us confident enough to let our young nephew play with it without any fear of damage. The figure also comes with a sword and a knife accessory but lacks a gun due to updated regulations. Despite this omission, the figure still offers plenty of excitement and versatility for collectors and kids alike.

The only minor drawbacks we observed were that there could be more paint detailing to showcase the fantastic sculpt, and the packaging may arrive slightly damaged. However, these issues do not detract from the overall value and enjoyment that this Joker figure brings. If you’re a fan of the Arkham City game or a collector looking for a spectacular Joker action figure, then this is a must-have addition to your collection.

DC Comics, Batman and Robin vs. The Joker, 12-inch Action Figures

DC Comics Action Figures

Discover the thrilling and vivid world of DC Comics with these 12-inch action figures for boys and girls ages 3 and up.


  • High-quality, detailed design
  • Large size makes for great playtime
  • Suitable for ages 3 to 14 years


  • Some may find the paper capes disappointing
  • No accessories included
  • Made in Vietnam

DC Comics has partnered with the global toy company, Spin Master, to create these exciting and detailed action figures, designed to bring joy to children around the world. We recently got our hands on the 12-inch Batman, Robin, and The Joker action figures and couldn’t wait to dive into the fun.

The action figures impressed us with their high-quality design and close attention to detail. The larger size of these toys made them more enjoyable to play with compared to smaller toys. As we spent time playing with the figures, we appreciated that they were suitable for a wide age range – from 3 years to 14 years old. This makes them great gifts for siblings or friends of various ages.

However, we noticed a few drawbacks that might be important to consider. First, while the durable design mostly impressed us, the paper capes on Batman and Robin were a bit disappointing as fabric capes would have been a better choice. Next, it’s worth mentioning that no accessories are included with these toys, which may limit the play experience for some children. Lastly, the product is made in Vietnam, which might be a concern for some buyers.

Overall, these DC Comics action figures make for thrilling additions to any child’s toy collection and are fantastic for imaginative play. While there are a few minor drawbacks, we believe the high-quality construction and large size make these action figures a worthwhile purchase for any Batman and Joker enthusiast.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Joker: The Criminal

DC Multiverse The Joker: The Criminal

A must-have for Batman fans and collectors alike, bringing life to this unique Joker incarnation.


  • Highly detailed 7″ figure inspired by the DC Multiverse
  • Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for diverse posing options
  • Based on the distinct look from the Batman: Three Jokers Comics


  • Might not be able to hold the cane perfectly
  • Minor color inconsistencies in some areas
  • Potential for breakage during unboxing

When we got our hands on the McFarlane Toys’ DC Multiverse The Joker: The Criminal action figure, we were genuinely impressed by the level of detail and craftsmanship. The 7″ scale figure perfectly captures the unique look of The Joker in the Batman: Three Jokers Comics. The intricate design and paintwork bring the character to life, making it an eye-catching addition to any collection.

One of the most striking features of the figure is its Ultra Articulation, providing up to 22 moving parts that allow for a full range of poses and play. From casually brandishing his infamous cane to more diabolical stances, the possibilities for display and storytelling are virtually endless.

Despite all the positive aspects, we did notice a few minor drawbacks. For one, the figure may have trouble holding the cane without adjustments or added support. Additionally, some color inconsistencies were visible in smaller areas like the knee and elbow portions. Lastly, utmost care must be taken when unboxing the figure, as some people have experienced broken parts during the process.

In conclusion, we believe that the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Joker: The Criminal action figure is an exciting and worthy addition to any Batman fan or collector’s assortment. While it does have a few imperfections, the overall quality and craftsmanship are undeniably impressive, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the twisted and enigmatic character of The Joker.

McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse 7IN – The Joker (Death of The Family)

McFarlane Toys - DC Multiverse 7IN - The Joker (Death of The Family)

A must-have action figure for the avid Joker fan, with impressive details and great articulation, perfect for display or play.


  • Highly detailed design and paint job
  • Ultra articulation with 22 moving parts for versatile posing
  • Unique “Death of the Family” Joker look


  • May not be suitable for young children due to small parts
  • Axe accessory might be difficult to fit into the hand
  • Reattached face design may not appeal to all collectors

We recently got our hands on the McFarlane Toys’ Joker action figure from the DC Multiverse line, and we’ve been thoroughly impressed by its design and detail. This 7-inch figure captures the essence of the Joker during the “Death of the Family” storyline, with its morbid and haphazard reattached face.

The figure’s paint job is top-notch, accurately representing the Joker’s iconic white skin, green hair, and red lips, along with the gruesome stitches holding his face together. Additionally, the ultra articulation, boasting up to 22 moving parts, allows for a wide range of poses, making it enjoyable for both display and play.

However, there are some minor drawbacks to this otherwise fantastic figure. While it’s designed for ages 14 and up, the small parts and sharp edges may make it unsuitable for younger children. We also found it slightly challenging to fit the axe accessory into the Joker’s hand, though this might vary from figure to figure. Furthermore, the reattached face design, while accurate to the storyline, could be a bit unsettling for some collectors.

In conclusion, we believe the McFarlane Toys’ Joker (Death of the Family) action figure is an excellent addition to any collector’s Batman collection or a fun plaything for older fans. Despite its minor shortcomings, the level of detail, articulation, and unique design make it a worthy purchase.

McFarlane Toys DC Direct – Page Punchers 3″ Figure with Comic Wave 2 – Joker (DC Rebirth)

McFarlane Toys DC Direct - Page Punchers 3" Figure with Comic Wave 2 - Joker (DC Rebirth)

This Joker action figure is perfect for collectors and comic enthusiasts, but may be too small for younger kids.


  • Iconic comic book design
  • Includes an English comic reprint
  • Five points of articulation


  • Small 3″ size
  • Limited poseability
  • Not suitable for very young children

We recently got our hands on the McFarlane Toys DC Direct Joker action figure and were really impressed with the detailed design and resemblance to the iconic comic look. The colors and sculpting are spot on, making it an excellent addition to any Joker fan’s collection.

The action figure is 3″ tall, so it’s perfect for those who appreciate the smaller sized collectibles. However, it may not be the best choice for very young kids, as it could be a choking hazard due to its size.

What we really loved about this product was the inclusion of an English only reprint of a classic Joker comic. This not only adds to the value of the action figure, but also gives fans a chance to revisit the iconic stories that inspired the design.

While the Joker action figure has five points of articulation, we found that the poseability was somewhat limited, especially compared to larger action figures. That being said, it’s still a great novelty piece for fans of the Joker and the DC universe.

In conclusion, the McFarlane Toys DC Direct Joker action figure with comic is an excellent collectible for fans of the Joker and the DC universe. The iconic design, inclusion of a comic reprint, and compact size make it a unique and worthwhile addition to any collection. However, its small size and limited poseability may not be ideal for very young children or those seeking a highly poseable action figure.

Buying Guide

We are so excited to help you find the perfect Joker action figure! To make the best choice, let’s look at some important features you should consider before purchasing.

Detail and Craftsmanship

An exceptional Joker action figure should have intricate details that capture his signature style. Examine the paint job, sculpting, and overall craftsmanship. A high-quality figure will have well-defined facial expressions, clothing, and accessories that bring the character to life.

Articulation and Poseability

A great action figure allows you to recreate your favorite Joker moments with ease. Look for multiple points of articulation in the limbs, torso, and neck. High poseability enables you to display your figure in a variety of dynamic positions.

Size and Scale

Keep in mind the size and scale you’d like to add to your collection. Common scales for action figures are 3.75-inch, 6-inch, and 12-inch. Some collectors prefer to group their figures by scale, while others enjoy a mix of sizes for an eclectic display.


No Joker is complete without his array of gadgets! Consider action figures that come with additional accessories, like his infamous bang-flag gun or a deck of trick cards. The more accessories, the more ways to recreate iconic scenes!

Remember these tips when searching for your ideal Joker action figure, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect addition to your collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the latest Joker action figures?

We’re excited to say that there are numerous outlets where you can find the latest Joker action figures! You can check popular stores like Amazon, eBay, or specialty retailers like BigBadToyStore and Entertainment Earth. Sometimes, we even come across Joker figures in our local comic book shops or toy stores!

What are the top Joker collectibles?

There are so many incredible Joker collectibles out there, and we’re thrilled to share just a few of our favorites! From the highly detailed Hot Toys Joker figures to the beautifully designed statues by Prime 1 Studio and Sideshow Collectibles, there are lots of amazing options. For LEGO enthusiasts, the LEGO Batman Movie’s Joker sets are definitely worth checking out.

Which Batman action figures go well with Joker figures?

If you’re looking to display your Joker figures with Batman, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options! For a unique pairing, the DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series action figures are perfect. If you prefer a more classic comic book look, go for the DC Essentials Batman or the McFarlane DC Multiverse Batman figures. There are various scales and designs available, so you’re sure to find the perfect Batman to complement your Joker collection!

How much does the most expensive Joker figure cost?

The price for Joker figures can vary significantly depending on the brand, edition, and rarity. Some highly detailed and limited-edition statues can cost several hundred dollars or even more, while a typical action figure may run between $20-$50. If you’re looking for collectibles, rare Joker figures in their original packaging or produced by top-tier companies like Hot Toys may go for a higher price.

Are there any Joker figures from Persona 5?

Oh, we’re absolutely delighted that you asked! Yes, there are indeed Joker figures from the Persona 5 video game. Manufacturers such as Figma and Kotobukiya have produced detailed figures of the main protagonist “Joker.” These are a must-have for Persona fans and showcase the incredible design that the game is known for.

What makes McFarlane Joker figures unique?

McFarlane Toys has a stellar reputation for creating distinctive, detailed action figures – and their Joker figures are no exception! Known for their attention to detail, articulation, and stunning comic book-influenced sculpts, McFarlane Joker figures truly stand out from the crowd. We especially love the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Joker figures, which capture the Joker’s twisted and maniacal essence with precision.